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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Government by Deception

S.Africa: The Coming Race War & Affirmative Action: Some Very important & far-sighted quotes from my book: Government by Deception (2001)

Date Posted: Friday 16-Apr-2010
Here are some interesting, and perhaps shocking, short excerpts from my book, Government by Deception (2001). And some of these apply not only to South Africa for which it was written, but also to the USA.
Here is a quick list I compiled.

o Regarding the communist use and abuse of Businesses:-
Microsoft South Africa was criticised for not donating enough computers to one of the projects. Many in South Africa have been fooled by this and think it is a good thing. Meanwhile, all this business activity is doing nothing but strengthening the communists. In the end, they are merely out to hurt or use business for furthering their own political agendas anyway.

o Regarding Global Warming and the enviroment - almost 10 years before people discovered it was a hoax:-
In America, much is made of the environmental damage which business does.
Indeed, I believe that junk science is used to provide false proofs of this so that businesses can be further exploited by this scam. The Ozone hole, for example, is a natural phenomenon, which is abused for junk science purposes.

o Why negotiation with a communist is a complete waste of time. Look at the time the MDC in Zimbabwe wasted, and will continue to waste and the efforts which will be wasted on Iran which is a client of Russia and China:-
To communists, talking and negotiating is just another form of warfare. General Thomas A. Lane once wrote about the futility of negotiation with communists: "We must recognise that negotiation [with the communists] is a political fraud against the American people; that only a policy of honest confrontation with the Communist powers can really serve the cause of peace." General Lane is correct. Honest confrontation may be better than a false peace wherein one ends up surrendering everything you have to them in the end anyway.

In 1919, Lenin wrote, "It is ridiculous not to know the history of war, not to know that a treaty is a means of gaining strength”. That is why all discussion and negotiation with communists is an exercise in futility.

o On the longterm fate of whites in Zimbabwe:-
I believe that the whites’ days in Zimbabwe are numbered. It is entirely possible that one day the whites there will end up fleeing the country as political refugees with only the clothes on their backs. This is what they will get for years of stoically trying to make a go of things under communist rule. In the end, they will be sacrificed on the alter of political power. They will be robbed and some will even die for their loyalty to a multi-racial Zimbabwe.

o The final confrontation with communism will eventually come. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is that people start fighting Political Correctness with all they have. They paralyse us into NOT FIGHTING BACK... and thereby we seal our fate. This is what I wrote:-
Communism is a system of nonsense and lies. It can be beaten and driven back when the lies are fully exposed. Their numeric superiority means little because their supporters are normally the dunces of society anyway. They have paralysed us into inactivity by hammering us constantly with their vicious propaganda, but the day must come when we dare to stand up and have our say.

o On the ability of whites to survive in Zimbabwe & South Africa:-
Since they have ruled for some time in Zimbabwe and South Africa, they have found (to their disgust no doubt), that whites continue to prosper even though every possible rule has been made to make life tough for them. The fact that whites are not only surviving, but are actually trying to fit in to the new multiracial society must come as a surprise and shock to them because it
means the whites are here to stay. If a handful of whites in Zimbabwe can become a problem for the government, then imagine the sort of problem, which four million whites in South Africa can yet become?

o On the day when race war finally comes to South Africa, when ANC policies fail and they start losing black support. I wrote that 10 years ago... and you can see in the last year or two how the ANC's policies are failing and blacks are getting angry, and the blacks WANT WAR to seize what we own. Back when I wrote this, that sort of talk was fantasy and people laughed at me. But you can see, the ANC is now getting to that point where it is trying to hold its act together because Blacks want the crazy thing... they want what we own... they believe this will solve their problems. Its all nonsense, but the point is THEY BELIEVE IT. Here's what I wrote almost 10 years ago:-
Let us suppose the ugly day dawns when the ANC or the SACP or both together
decide that the race war must come. They might do so when their policies fail and they are in danger of losing black support. They may feel that apportioning white possessions among the black people would be the final deliverance of the exaggerated promises of the Freedom struggle.

o On the day when the White Liberals of South Africa start turning on the ANC. I predicted this at a time when White Liberals were HATING ME and some went to shop owners asking them to remove my book from the shops. Recently, even Clem Sunter, of Anglo-American, one of the foremost Liberals of the time is now starting to praise Afrikaners. I think the Liberals are growing very tired of the ANC. Here's what I wrote when the White Liberals were still deeply in love with the ANC and when they mocked me. I wrote:-
The ANC thus finds itself in a very tricky situation. It is inheriting the most developed economy in Africa but this economy is controlled by people who can turn on it. Even the liberals might one day become disenchanted with the ANC. In fact, herein lies a parallel to Zimbabwe. The whites who remained were the most liberal. They were keen to fit in with Mugabe but even so they eventually worked against him (Mugabe). If it could happen in Zimbabwe, it could, theoretically happen in South Africa too."

o On the tenacity of the communists. The fail, but they try again. Zuma and Malema planned a war for 2010. They failed - for now. They will be back with a new plan - of that you can rest assured:-
It is absolutely crucial for people to understand this lop-sided contest between two completely different forces and to understand that the communists have a tremendous amount of tenacity. If one plan fails they try another. They keep on hammering away with one strategic plan after another until eventually they manage to win. They do not win with ease. They never have. But they had the tenacity to attack the same white colonies decade after decade until they won. For them to struggle on for twenty or thirty years without respite is not
a problem. If they cannot win outright, then they can at least wear the opposition down and break them in that way.

o This is most important. I discuss MODERN COMMUNISM, and I discuss how communists co-habit with Business and then load businesses down with lots of legislation which really weighs them down. If you will dig deeper into the Financial Meltdown of 2008, as Joseph Smith pointed out, and others have written: Affirmative Action programs in the housing market is what broke the market. Think about that. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BROKE THE WORLD'S STRONGEST ECONOMY. I'm reading the book, "MELTDOWN". The foreward is by congressman Ron Paul. The economist who wrote the book discusses how Affirmative Action in America is one of the primary reasons the housing market broke. It started with laws enacted by Jimmy Carter, which were revived and given teeth by Bill Clinton. Eventually the weight of these laws broke a market. I wrote about communism and its "partnership" with business. I describe what the communists are really up to Obama is also in with business - but rest assured, his aim is to destroy it. When a New Communist is in partnership with business, its just a more subtle way of killing it. Unlike the Bolsheviks, he does not shoot the owner out in the open. Instead, he destroys the business in more subtle ways. You can see that what I'm describing below is almost prophetic regarding the 2008 financial collapse:-
Modern Communists still preach class warfare. They still preach the utopian lies and are content to hide behind lies when it suits them. However, rather than just nationalising industries outright, they move into “partnership” with business while preparing to not only purge it but also to take it over. At the same time they put chains on business and begin the process of holding it captive while whipping it and forcing it to do that which the communists promised.

Is this a good system? For the New Communists, it is a brilliant scam. For business and the country it is not good. They pile all this “social responsibility” on to businesses and eventually drive many into bankruptcy or out of the country. Eventually the huge weight of “social responsibility” will take a tremendous toll on business.

o South Africa nearly became the 2nd communist state in the world after Russia in 1917. In 1922, White communists used the power of speech to incite rebellion and revolution and to create anarchy. It caused a small war in Johannesburg - complete with the South African airforce bombing Johannesburg and gun-battles raging in the streets - hundreds died. It was started through inciteful speeches, just the same as Julius Malema is doing in 2010. In 1922, Communists tried to use White people to seize power in South Africa. They nearly succeeded - the communist party was only 6 months old and it almost took control of South Africa. After the failed 1922 uprising of Whites, Lenin gave the order that in the future, communism in South Africa was to be carried out in the name of the blacks, and all white communists must support black causes. I wrote:-
In January 1922, 22,000 white mineworkers went on strike. The communists
did their utmost to turn the strike into a national uprising. Percy Fisher, a white communist, went around trying to whip whites into a frenzy of violence. He said things like “Who heard of a fight without violence?” and “The issue has got to be won by force and violence.” Eventually the speeches of Fisher and Andrews had the desired effect and violence broke out. Mobs and gangs roamed the streets. There was anarchy everywhere. General Smuts then sent in thousands of troops assisted by aircraft and artillery to smash the rebellion.

o On black relations with the Russians in Africa. I quoted from David Lamb’s excellent book, The Africans:-
Almost every African country that formed an intimate relationship with
Moscow … eventually discovered they were on the wrong end of an unbalanced deal”

o On the possibility that after a vicious race war, the Whites might retain a portion of the country which they could run as their own and the consequences this would hold for the ANC:-
What then? Once such a small (white) state takes hold it might not only survive but it might prosper and eventually even expand its territory. I say this because the ANC will have lost their “milk cows” that supply most of their taxes! They might have taken the whites’ property but they would have lost their skills. With the ANC having lost its main source of income it would then have to attempt to run the country using its flawed socialist ideas, which of course won’t work.

I must add in a piece from: THE MAGIC ROOM in Government by Deception. At the time I wrote Government by Deception (2001), the MDC still firmly believed that Democracy was real in Zimbabwe. This was of course a lie. Nowadays, in 2010, we can all see what a lie it really is. Even when Mugabe is voted out in a way that everyone can see he was voted out, you see he is still in power. Even in the Government of National Unity, he still retains most of the power. And here is the "democratic ANC" which also keeps him in power illegally and openly in full view of the world. In South Africa, people have yet to realise that democracy here is just as much a farce as it is in Zimbabwe and that you can't vote them out. So here is a revisit to the past with: THE MAGIC ROOM that we live in.

[The Magic Room is a most important concept in my book. In many ways, we live in a Magic Room... and in order to survive we must make an important effort to get out. Political Correctness, for example, is a part of the game in the Magic Room. Here is how I described it in an article some years ago. Jan]

Blast from the past:-

SA: Reader: The Magic Room in Government by Deception

Very shortly, Government By Deception will be coming out as an eBook - in the next week or so. I know many foreign readers have been clamouring for it. Its about time I did something. So I've finally knuckled down and done it, because I feel many foreign and expat readers would be interested in it.

I am also reinstating things I had to take out for publication in S.Africa as requested by Exclusive Books. Since I no longer care whether Exclusive Books (or any other book store in South Africa) ever actually sells my book, I will return to doing things the way I wanted to originally - and I will sell the book myself via my website! Similarly, I stopped giving a damn a long time ago about the Mass Media's opinion of the book when The Star newspaper did not want to do a book review. I now have my own book reviews and I simply don't care what the newspapers or radio stations or anyone else for that matter thinks about the book.

All I care about is that it spreads and reaches the public.

I gave a free copy to the US Govt and the US Military Attache to S.Africa tried to keep from laughing outright in my face - and - do I give a damn? Actually... NOT!! Since nobody of note ever supported me, and I've survived by myself, I owe them nothing, and I will continue forward without giving a darn about what they think about it. I think I've not done half bad. I think my book has been more prophetic than anything written by the "experts" and the "intellectuals". The Tony Leons and the Clem Sunters (of Anglo-American) are, in my opinion, much further off the mark than I ever was. How close has Clem Sunter's predictions been to the reality? Yet, the Mass Media couldn't stop mentioning his name.

So, in the eBook which is coming out shortly:-
1. I am reinstating the Nelson Mandela cover (which freaked out Exclusive books!).

2. I am reinstating the DEDICATION - which also flipped people out. Government by Deception was originally dedicated to anyone who fought communism, in thought, word and deed! In essence I was referring ESPECIALLY to people who were soldiers! (You can imagine how the ANC must blow a gasket over that one! - as if I care!)

A recent reader of Government by Deception in S.Africa particularly enjoyed my last chapter which deals with "The Magic Room".

He wrote:-
I have read the book Government by deception. Very interesting stuff. The final chapter that deals with the "Magic Room" should be put up on your site as an article, where you should expand on the parallel you draw between society and the Magic room...

I think that if you provide evidence of the Magic Room as well, it might
open a few eyes.

When I ended Government by Deception, I drew heavily on a book written more than 50 years ago, called, "The Brainwashing Machine". That book was about an anti-communist who was caught by the communists in Europe. The book is quite tragic too because the communists sent a woman to spy on him. She then fell in love with him for real. He and she worked together to fabricate her reports to the intelligence services. But eventually the commies caught them out. In the end they executed her for this. That part of the story just kills me, that this woman did her best to protect him and in the end the communists killed her for it. So tragic.

Anyhow, he was dragged off to a place where a communist psychologist went to work on him to mess with his mind big time. Remember, even in those days, the communists worked on people's minds and eventually, anti-communists would come out and in public or in a trial, incriminate themselves and confess to their "crimes" - just like Vlok did the other day! That comes from all these mind-games. The communists work hard on you to convince you that you're a criminal - among other things. Does that sound familiar? All Whites in this country feel like CRIMINALS - not so?

At first Lajos went to jail. But then, they put Lajos in a room of his own - The Magic Room. But in this Magic Room, they had one-way mirrors where they could watch him through and they had hidden projectors. The Magic Room was designed to look cosy - and the psychologist would visit him and talk to him nicely. They would also drug him from time to time. But the whole purpose of the game was to mess with his mind and to MAKE HIM DOUBT HIS OWN LOGIC AND HIS OWN SANITY! They would drug him and play tricks on him and try to mess with his head to make him think that he was insane when in fact he was not.

They would drug him and show him movies and then, through elaborate trickery, try to make him believe that he had been in those movies and that the movies he'd been shown were in fact REAL!

For a long time they fooled him and he began to doubt his own mind more and more. He was progressively becoming insane. The only man he trusted, this psychologist, who was so nice to him, was in fact destroying him!! Until one day, in his impending madness he clicked on how to escape!! I'm not going to tell you what the answer is!! But the answer is quite wild and radical!

Anyhow... This psychologist who was so friendly to him, was in fact his deadliest enemy. He was learning things about him in order to try and make him mad - or in order to make him think he was mad.

Once you have been in The Magic Room for long enough (a few months) you end up in a lunatic asylum. Lajos was the only person to ever escape from The Magic Room and to be normal once more!

In South Africa (and Zimbabwe too), we are like that man in The Magic Room. We see things, but then we are made to doubt our own logic. From time to time, we see the Deception of the ANC, and then when we try to confirm it, we are told we are wrong - or something is presented to us to make us believe we are wrong.

One of the best examples is CRIME! We know there is crime. We know it is bad. We experience it as do members of our family - but then the Govt comes, and with elaborate means, they try to lie to us and deceive us into thinking that our perceptions are wrong.

They do this a lot with almost everything. But sometimes they go to extreme lengths to deceive us with all sorts of lies ranging from the unsophisticated to the sophisticated.

All the time, we see things, but they deny it all. They are like that psychologist in the Magic Room, trying to constantly make us doubt our own minds. When we complain... they tell us that we White people are racist and we complain too much.

The key lies in realising that we are NOT MAD at all. We're not mad. They're just trying to get us to believe we are.

And like Lajos, we too can escape. This website is Phase 1 of how you can escape from them, and their hold over your mind.

Remember, these people are garbage... and the only thing they have going for them are: LIES & TRICKS! If you can see through their lies and their tricks, then you will see that there is little to fear from them, and that in fact, we should make it our aim to DESTROY THEM.

Their hold over the Blacks is also mental. They control their minds already. The Blacks too need to be freed from their lies and their trickery.

If you will look at Zimbabwe. The MDC are people who were made quite mad by Mugabe's Mind Control. The MDC believe, to this day, that Zimbabwe is a Democratic state. That's complete rubbish. In the Magic Room of Zimbabwe, Democracy and "the people's power" was nothing more than an illusion for 27 years! The same is true in South Africa. "Democracy" does not exist. Nobody will vote the ANC out of power - not even the Blacks. But in our "Magic Room", 99% of the people believe this is a democratic state. We are told we're "democratic" now, but in reality, we probably had more democracy under Apartheid (even though the Blacks did not vote), than we have now.

We're all living in The Magic Room... and nothing here really is the way we've been told it is. If you truly believe everything you've been told, by our "psychologists", then indeed, you truly are MAD!

I will mull over the ideas presented by the Reader with regards to The Magic Room.

I am seriously thinking of writing Government by Deception II, starting exactly 10 years after I started the first, and then making it an eBook (to save on the tremendous costs of printing). But then I would like to revisit things I wrote about and what has happened as well as where I think the next 10 years will take us. Jan.

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Posted By: Jan AfricanCrisis Webmaster  Author of: Government by Deception

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