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Friday, April 30, 2010

S.Africa: Farm murders

S.Africa: President Jacob Zuma wipes his bum on the Farmers who want to meet him...

Date Posted: Thursday 29-Apr-2010
I hear that so far the President has not responded in any way at all to the Transvaal Agricultural Union's request to meet him.

We have mentioned that little if anything may happen to Julius Malema.

Its an interesting situation.

One Afrikaner leader was saying to me: Perhaps people must start wrapping their minds around what to do if there is no response.

Firstly, the lack of response and the actions of the Govt speak loudly to me. So far, all it shows is a total lack of interest in Farm murders. It shows a total lack of interest in Julius Malema's racist stance. Well, let me be more accurate:-

o It shows that Govt condones farm murders.
o It show that Govt thinks commercial farmers are of NO CONSEQUENCE in this country.
o It shows that BLACK RACISM RULES, and the future desire is genocide.

That's what it shows me.

My own attitude always is that one must never allow oneself to be dependent on the co-operation of others. If someone does not co-operate with you, ignore them and more on to someone else.


I feel the issues are important, and if the Govt and the President wipe their bums on commercial farmers, then people must think of other ways forward. There is always a way forward.

It could also be that there is a certain arrogance and that the ANC is used to everyone kissing their butts.

It is something worth mulling over.

I was watching an incredible documentary about farming and how agricultural developments 11,500 - 9,000 years ago laid the foundation for great civilisations to follow. I will write more about it. A scientist investigated the idea of inequality, and he came to the conclusion that food production is CENTRAL to the development of any successful society. No farming = no civilisation - PERIOD. And he studied it from across the world.

In many ways, Mugabe has taken Zimbabwe back to BEFORE 9,500 BC. The ANC also wants to go there.

The President and the ANC's attitude might be: You farmers - WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Its like when Stalin met Churchill during WWII. Churchill told Stalin: "The Pope supports us" (something along those lines). Stalin responded: "And how many (army) divisions does the Pope have?"

The ANC's view of the farmers may be similar. Jacob Zuma might be thinking: "So how many MACHINEGUNS DO THE FARMERS HAVE?" The theory being: If they have none... the who are they?

This is a fascinating point.

I have been sitting back and mulling over the situation that faces the ANC at this time, but unfortunately, it would be most counter-productive to give out my analysis and my assessment of their situation.

One is sitting in quite a spot. The ANC would not doubt like us to come begging at their door, but I think that is the wrong approach. If we do not learn to STAND OUR GROUND WITH FIRMNESS then we will forever be buckling FW De Klerk style. Unfortunately, this habit is now so ingrained, that I think it will be hard to break out of this mould.

It is situations like this where one needs seriously CLEVER leadership and DETERMINED leadership on our side. You see, in these situations there are games being played. Its almost like poker. Each side has their cards. Whose bluffing and who isn't? Any what does each side have?

This is what made Western civilisation great, and this is the point which separates the truly great from the mediocre. This is where true genius comes into play. You need to deduce the other guy's cards, and you have to make many extremely calculating moves. This is what separates the men from the boys.

In my view, this is just another hurdle that one faces, and like all hurdles there are ways around it. The bottom line is: HOW DETERMINED IS A PERSON?

This is also where strategy comes into play. You need to be able to deal with all sorts of upsets.

One thing one must NEVER allow, is for someone else to totally control or block using simple tricks. This is a most important lesson that I think whites need to learn. And don't accept junk excuses either and laugh politely about it and make as if nothing happened. All negotiation should be DIRECT and HONEST. If there is proof of insincerity then take that as a big fat: NO. But you need to operate in an open, direct manner. All this deception and under the table collusion is a serious issue. As I've pointed out before with respect to Zille and Mulder, Helen Zille is right on this one. None of this talk under the table, behind closed doors in a darkened room with black curtains type stuff. It must be OUT IN THE OPEN. If talks can't be OUT IN THE OPEN then they have no value.

But to sum up: The main issue here is that President Jacob Zuma is wiping his bum on the commercial farmers of this country, and President Zuma clearly condones racism. He clearly condones the hate speech of Malema. Zuma clearly agrees with the sentiment: "Kill the Boer". That much we can deduce.

One way forward is to simply accept this as FACT. One made an honest, public statement, over and above the fact that this went through the normal Government machinery. If they pretend not to hear it... or they come back later with some half-baked, lame, excuse... that also won't cut it. If they claim this, or claim it was lost or overlooked, etc - just don't buy any lame nonsense.

If the ANC Govt is anti-white, and has evil intent, then I think that must be clearly stated and brought to wider attention.

I think one must see a NON-REPLY as a clear REPLY. And one must then take this to the next level - which is probably to bring in international players. And let me leave it at that. Let's see what the next move is and who makes it.

As a final thought: The ANC no doubt wishes to wangle its way out of all these issues and to quietly sneak Malema out of the spotlight and to hope that the whites forget about it. That let's them off the hook.

The ANC has got away with this type of behaviour for far too long. We would be complete fools to let this happen again. The ANC must be brought to task. The ANC is NEVER accountable for anything... and this type of ongoing behaviour and our acceptance of it leads to only worse problems. If we leave things this way, it will lead to much worse things in the future.
Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
(George Orwell)

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