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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

S.Africa:42% of Black youths want to flee SA

S.Africa: 2010 - Total SHOCKER: 42% of Black youths want to flee SA - only 33% of Whites & Indians want to...
Date Posted: Tuesday 27-Apr-2010
[Check out this stunning article from THE SUNDAY TIMES of South Africa.

As I pointed out with Zimbabwe, Liberal Western theory there failed. Liberal Western theory of society goes like this: "The Middle Class is what holds Europe and America together... ergo... in Africa to fight communism/Marxism, you build a BLACK MIDDLE CLASS... give them a stake in the country and THEY WILL BE THE NEW LEADERS AND WILL FIGHT Marxism/Socialism and will raise up Africa."

Nice theory. Totally backed up by the historical facts. Bummer is: Despite all that - the concept flops to the ground in Africa! When faced with evil... what did the PROFESSIONAL BLACK MIDDLE CLASS IN ZIMBABWE DO? 600,000 of them fled to BRITAIN!

The sissified, molly-coddled Black Liberals of Africa are a lot like the sissified, white Liberals of the West who spawned them. The basic credo of the Liberal is: When someone comes at you with a gun, YOU RUN AND SWIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO GET AWAY. When said communist/terrorist corners you eventually (when there's no room on the planet to run away any more): YOU SURRENDER TO HIM. That is basically what Liberals do. Sorry, but that's how I see it. I reckon if Conservatives and Liberals went to war, there would be no war because Liberals would all run anyway.

It is the people who are made of tougher stuff who stand and fight. So instead you see the completely ridiculous situation in Zimbabwe. You had 13 million blacks and 100,000 whites left. The ones standing up to Mugabe were not the 600,000+ black professionals - who immediately relocated to the UK, but the 100,000 whites, most of them aged 60+ and the other blacks too dumb to be Liberals. They were the ones who put up the real fight in the face of impossible odds.

In South Africa you may yet see that most despised of creatures, the White Afrikaner as being the last bastion before this country becomes a 100% bonafide communist state. Even outnumbered, more than 10:1, you might find, to your amazement that it is not the Black Liberals of South Africa who will try to stop the ANC from turning this country into another Zimbabwe (because the Black Liberals of South Africa will all be living in Europe) - but the Afrikaners - who REFUSE TO GIVE WAY. Stick around. It is the whites, who in the face of completely impossible odds may be trying to make the last stand for civilisation and decency in this country. Jan]

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