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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do Animated Movies Prepare Children for Sodomy?

Do Animated Movies Prepare Children for Sodomy?

May 22, 2010

by Sam Peyo

Once we understand that animation picture makers carefully choose every little thing and gesture that goes into a film, it is very interesting to look at all the messages scattered throughout the virtual sets, on book covers, street signs, clothes and so forth.

Nowadays, many movies feature homosexuals (mostly men) gay behavior and even sodomy. While there is no doubt the movie industry is used for social engineering, promoting anti-traditional and subversive values, gays are nevertheless more often pictured as ludicrous than heroic. It is as if even gay directors and script writers (and I bet there are many of them out there) cannot quite give up the notion that a man acting like a hysterical woman is "funny". Let´s see a few examples:

Madagascar 1: Melman, the giraffe, is clearly gay. He is a "sensitive", self-centered hypochondriac completely devoid of androgenic hormones. Certainly there is no suggestion that he suffers from a developmental disorder or that anal intercourse is abnormal. He is a good companion for Alex, Marty and the lovely but dykey hippopotamus, Gloria. In one scene, Melman is submitted to a gynecological examination. In another, Alex tries to get him out of a crate using a palm trunk. When the trunk is inches away from Melman's privates, the giraffe screams "It's Gloria!". Gloria is in fact arriving on the beach at that moment, but the next line, "Oh, hey, it is Gloria!", shows that the first line did not refer to the arrival, but to the "glory" of the imminent sexual experience. In Madagascar 2, the studio decided to correct the impression by making Melman fall in love with Gloria.

In a TV episode of the Madagascar Penguins, the zoo sets up a simple robot which is programmed to give visitors directions. In the end, the robot is accidentally blown up. Debris is falling everywhere and King Julien, the lemur, is covering his head. The last part to fall is the robot's arm. When it does, the forearm bends towards Julien's butt with the hand resembling genitals. The subtitles speak for themselves. Sasha Baron Cohen dubs the voice of King Julien! 

Planet 51: Lem's friend Skiff is unmistakably gay. Very "sensitive", crying for almost no reason, and hysterically in love with Rover, a dog-like wheeled probe. On two occasions, the "dog" leaps on his lap wagging its tail strongly. It may not be intended to mean what I think it does, but the way others look on is very telling.

Skiff has a rather loose wrist for a brisk young man! During a street dance he performs the banal "F... gesture" three times while Neera looks on in surprise. Near the end of the movie, Lem tells general Grawl (resembling Schwarzenegger, with a suspiciously large and unruly forelock) that his persecuting behavior is due to his fear of the unknown. What Lem is really insinuating is "Come out of the closet and assume your true gay and peace-loving self!" 

Shark Tale: This is the story of Lenny, a gay shark who is not well accepted by his family (resembling the Italian mafia). Interestingly, vegetarianism is used as a proxy for homosexuality. The father's attempt to force his son to have sex with a woman (a virgin perhaps) is illustrated by his bullying him into eating a live shrimp which is begging for its life. The movie makes no secret of Lenny´s homosexuality. 

Other films: Examples of sodomy and homosexual behaviors are numerous. I could go on for the rest of the day, but here are three more scenes from Ice Age 2, Barnyard (guy in the middle with the earring in the left ear and the "funny" expression) and The Incredibles ("Syndrome" dances a very queer dance while scoffing at Mr. Incredible for resorting to a homing device).


Combined with the mainstreaming of homosexuality in the media, its advocacy in public schools, and the general sexualization of children, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that some animated movies are part of a long-term Illuminati program to prepare children for sodomy

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