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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oil threat to florida Keys

The Biggest Eco Disaster In History

This Is Just The Top Light Oil

The Heavy Oil Is Sitting On The Sea Floor

This Will Wreck The Louisiana And Florida Coast Lines

Louisiana's Multi Cultural Governor Keeps His Mouth Shut

This Is A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions
What happened is that some greedy Zionists drilled a well at uncharted depths, and were too cheap to follow procedures. Once you have drilled through the mud and hit rock, you install a well-head before you drill through the rock and on to the oil.
Next these incompetents had the well blow up, and just lied about the oil volume (five times what they reported). Because the oil is heavy crude, it is sinking to the ocean bottom, and wrecking the Gulf's shrimping, oyster, and fishing industry. Now it heads to the Keys, and turn that paradise into ghetto. Next, it goes up the Florida east coast, and wrecks those beaches. Finally it goes out to sea and heads towards Europe.
Where Is The US Navy?
Why hasn't the US Navy been brought in to contain the spill?
His Holiness Reverend Jacob Judicial
I have received many emails saying this may not have been an accident. Looking at the lack of Government response makes one wonder.

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