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Monday, June 7, 2010

Iraq - the Black Hole of Forgetfulness

Iraq - the Black Hole of Forgetfulness

Layla Anwar

June 7, 2010

It's turning out to be a black hole series...but seriously Iraq is the Black Hole par excellence...
There is a total blackout of the news coming from remains with the distinct impression that NOTHING is happening there...all is calm on the Western Front...this blacking out is really see Iraq is a fait accompli - a done deal...

Forgotten the thousands that died, forgotten the exiled in thousands, forgotten the displaced, forgotten the poverty, forgotten the D.U, forgotten the mass graves, forgotten the secret prisons, forgotten the sectarian militias that still rule, forgotten the corruption and pillaging, forgotten the destruction, forgotten if it never happened.

Amazing is not ?

Well not really, it's not amazing at all...because in the back of those little minds of yours...and trust me they are tiny these little minds of must have read somewhere, sometime, that around 50'000 criminal american dickheads are withdrawing from Iraq -- so all is cool now...there is no more occupation, you've done a great job...all will fall back into place...eventually...nah, let them sort it out....

So what is going on in Iraq ? No one one knows...but I know, a little...there is no more haggling over the whore Iran nuclear dossier, it's been quiet on that the whore is relaxing for a little while...she's taking a pause...and Turkey's flotilla has captured the hearts and minds...

This is how it all happens...if they feed you enough of it, whatever it is, you shall salivate...

I can hear a stray dog barking in the dark, in the blackness...somewhere out there, from my window...and this is just about it.

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