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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Fails

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Fails 229-198

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Ron Paul’s attempt to audit the Federal Reserve, which was previously co-sponsored by 320 members of the House (HR 1207), failed by a vote of 229-198. All Republicans voted in favor of the measure with 23 Democrats crossing the aisle to vote with Republicans. 122 co-sponsors of HR 1207, all Democrats, jumped ship and voted against the measure.
The GOP had offered the Fed audit as the minority’s last chance to alter the financial regulation bill. The bill does have an watered-down audit provision in the conference report, but it is limited to loans made by the Fed during the height of the economic crisis. Ron Paul’s bill would have allowed a total examination of the Fed’s books.

Ron Paul on Federal Reserve Audit and Financial Regulation

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Ron Paul says the monetary system is the cause of the crisis, and giving more power to the Fed doesn’t make sense since they are the cause of the crisis. The original language of HR 1207, calling for a full audit of the Fed, was neutered but there is still a chance to revive the original intent. Without a full audit, we will never understand why bubbles form and why more regulations fail. The Fed audit that Paul is calling for does not challenge the supposed independence of the Federal Reserve.

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