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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why are Feminists Surprised Their Daughters are Sluts?

Why are Feminists Surprised Their Daughters are Sluts?

August 11, 2010
100804_teen.jpgby Henry Makow,  Ph.D.

In a recent article "Outraged Moms, Trashy Daughters"
by Anne Kingston, (Macleans, Aug 16, 2010)   mothers lament that their daughters now see "empowerment"  in terms of pleasuring males.

While the feminist mothers saw power as financial independence and rejected female "objectification," their daughters accept the pornographic message of pop music and advertising. In the words of one mom, they "believe their purpose in life is to be sexual beings who please men."

"A blow job is like shaking hands," said another mom.  "Their attitude is: 'We're emancipated, we're liberated, we're in control. They see [it] as power; I see it as giving their power away."

Yes but:  Who taught girls they could have sex outside of courtship, love and marriage?
Feminists did.
Feminism brainwashed young women to see husbands as oppressors and family as bondage. There was no longer any reason to restrict sex to love and marriage. 

Understandably, feminists don't want to admit their teachers have betrayed them. Feminism was created by elite social engineers to reduce population and undermine marriage and family.

Even while they wring their hands, feminists are blinded by their ideology. (The article veers off into a discussion of how feminism is still relevant.) 

The words "love," "marriage," "husband" and "family" do not appear  in the article. No wonder they can't understand the problem and what to do about it.

Both mothers and daughters are victims of deliberate social subversion. A woman's career used to be wife and mother. She consecrated her sexuality for the man she loved, the father of her children, her protector and provider.

Young women today are up a creek. They don't know how to be women and men don't know how to be men. But one thing that hasn't changed is - men don't marry sluts.  These girls are going to be left high and dry once their sex appeal has faded.

They obsess on looking beautiful but don't know that true beauty comes from within, from a spiritual purity. This means rejecting all coarse influences and behavior. It means focusing on what is good, true, human and inspiring. 

In the past, men had to prove their love and commitment before they could have sex.  As a result, women were cherished and given a lifelong role (mother, wife) that satisfied their deepest emotional needs.

Now they have been reduced to amateur prostitutes and corporate widgets.

"I don't meet many girls who feel good about themselves, even though they are totally gorgeous," one social worker says.

How could they ... giving their bodies to strangers who dump them? 

Girls figure they must give away sex or boys will get it from other girls. That's like saying, "if I don't let muggers rob and beat me, other girls will."

The other word totally absent from this article is "father."  Girls could get love, self respect and guidance from their fathers. But I'm guessing their feminist mothers drove their fathers away. 

It's not too late for girls to learn to be women again. There can be no sex without courtship and love. If other girls want to give it away, let them suffer the consequences. 

Girls can become feminine again by making marriage and family their first priority. If they refocus, they can regain the path to fulfillment and happiness.

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