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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nick Griffin-How we’d restore order

 Nick Griffin

How we’d restore order

Nick Griffin warns of the dangers of government and police weakness and spells out how the British National Party would bring peace back to our streets.

“Bring in the Army now to save lives.” That’s one of five core demands put forward by British National Party leader Nick Griffin in response to the wave of black mob violence sweeping England.

The party’s North West of England MEP has also called for the use of water cannons and plastic baton rounds, the setting up of emergency courts to hand down immediate five-year prison sentences to rioters and looters, and the subsequent expulsion of immigrant rioters and their dependants from Britain.

“The authorities have only hours, or at most a couple of days, to get the mayhem under control, or it is liable to spill out into inter-community violence on a truly devastating scale,” Mr. Griffin has told our News Team.

“The media are doing their best to cover up the extent to which innocent white and Asian people are being targeted simply because they are not black. Most strikingly, the Daily Mail censored its own website once a higher-level editor spotted the power of the picture they were running of a white woman who had been forced to strip naked by rioters in an act of calculated racist humiliation.
“From grass-roots reports we’re getting from all over London and from Birmingham, the few photos and passing mentions of the issue that have been carried by the media are only the tip of an iceberg. The truth appears to be that hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people have been brutally mugged, or had their bikes, cars, shops and even homes attacked because they are ethnically British, East European or Asian.

“This is why, unless the authorities stop this now, it is inevitable that the self-defence organisation already seen in the Turkish community will spread, turning what is still at present primarily a giant exercise in shopping with violence into a far more ugly set of racial clashes and full-scale conflict between different ethnic and religious groups.”

Act now to save lives

“The ConDem government are literally playing with fire in believing that the police can get a grip on the situation without the help of proper anti-riot equipment and the army,” warns Mr. Griffin. The liberal Tories now running the country believe that it’s too Politically Incorrect to treat black rioters with the same tough measures as are routinely used against young Republican and Loyalist rioters in Northern Ireland.

But this pathetic squeamishness could all too easily lead to people being killed.
“I urge the government and police to stop pussyfooting around and get tough. I urge members of our community, and the significant number of decent and settled members of ethnic minorities who recognise that we speak for the Silent Majority, to stay calm and to stay off the streets unless failure by the authorities leaves them absolutely no choice but to take action to defend their homes, families and neighbours.

“And I urge British National Party activists and new supporters to download, print and distribute the leaflets that we will be putting on this site as events unfold. People out there are angry and frightened. They want and deserve answers and hope. It is clear that they will find neither from the political elite or the sensationalist but Politically Correct mass media. They will find both in the British National Party.”

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