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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The AIDS Hoax

The AIDS Hoax

April 12, 2012

duesberg.jpegProf.  Peter Duesberg, left, says AIDS is really a cancer caused  by a recreational drug used by gays, and is exacerbated by
the popular AZT treatment. 

There are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about AIDS. The notion that AIDS is a money-making hoax is rarely discussed.

by David Douthit

This is the story of Peter Duesberg. Duesberg is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkley. He is a cancer researcher who has formulated a theory that HIV does not cause AIDS.

According to Duesberg what is known as AIDS was originally caused by the use of Alkyl Nitrate in the homosexual communities. Alkyl Nitrate is a recreational drug that creates some euphoria, and also loosens the anal spincter making anal sex easier.
s_6buckf.jpgHence its use by homosexuals. Alkyl Nitrate, like some other nitrates, causes Karposi Sarcoma, a virulent cancer. When homosexuals in the late 70's and early 80's started surfacing with Karposi Sarcoma the possibility of a new epidemic disease was proposed.

Causes for the new disease were explored. HIV, a retrovirus present in many of the homosexual community that had Karposi Sarcoma was identified and labeled the possible cause of AIDS.

The extremely toxic cancer drug AZT was resurrected from oblivion, because it had been banned for chemotherapy cancer use.

AZT was approved for treatment of HIV infection. AZT itself causes many disease conditions commonly associated with AIDS. Merely detecting HIV infection was cause for "treatment" with AZT.

Once AZT treatment was initiated a whole myriad of AIDS symptoms surfaced, not just Karposi Sarcoma. Lots of money was made from causing more disease conditions, which of course had to be treated with other expensive drugs as well.


Africa has suffered from many tropical diseases like malaria, and malnutrition because of wars, revolutions, and famine. These conditions  were labeled as AIDS, even though HIV positive test results were not  obtained in most cases.

The AIDS figures were always greatly inflated by this sleight of hand. This resulted in huge amounts of money allotted for AIDS research. Many "researchers" and pharmaceutical companies profited greatly.

Duesberg contends that HIV is a harmless retrovirus. That is why a person may be infected with HIV for years and never experience any symptoms associated with AIDS, until of course treatment with AZT is initiated.

Doctors will then say, "good thing we started treatment just in time as symptoms started to surface."

Huge sums were made from the AIDS hoax. It could never be "cured", just treated indefinitely at a high cost, and AZT caused many more disease conditions.
duesbook.jpegDuesberg's theory was totally ostracized by the scientific community, and personal attacks were made. It was the classic kill-the-messenger approach. Duesberg wrote a book "Inventing the AIDS Virus" that details his theory.

Duesberg's theory has never received much press even in conspiracy circles. I believe that is because it is probably the closest to the truth.

I wrote this article for anyone infected with HIV, which could be almost anyone homosexual or heterosexual, so that they could have necessary information before starting any AZT regime for "treatment".

I am not a homosexual, but I certainly do not wish any harm to come to anyone. Promoting the theory that AIDS is really an epidemic disease is the exact MO of the "Powers That Be" to keep the population in a perpetual fear state.

I know for a fact that drugs used to treat "Autism" actually cause many of the symptoms labeled "Autism". I have witnessed it with my own two eyes. That is going to be the topic of one of my subsequent articles.


First response from BG:
Re: 4/12/12:  "The AIDS Hoax":

The comment by "R" 4/12/12 re what his wife learned 30 years ago from the gay activists THEMSELVES is a jewel of a truth worth shouting from the rooftops.  He also mentioned:

"...making the general public feel guilty and "DOUBLE-MINDED" (the mental state of all who come to consciously accept that which they instinctively hate)."  (caps added)

I remember well the progression from single-mindedness to the double-mind in the AIDS Scam:

1.  First, the general opinion was basically that, "If you live a life of debauchery, you will reap what you sow." (Gal. 6:7) [1]

2.  Then the fear propaganda re AIDS/HIV was poured on thick & we began hearing of care agencies, schools, businesses, whatever, refusing to allow HIV &/or AIDS people in their midst.

3.  Step 2 was necessary so they could then turn the tide & begin "shaming" everyone with such (purposely manufactured) "fears" & calling them cruel, heartless, haters, etc.

4.  Then they threw in a few celebrity case stories to seal the sentiment that "Not everybody is bad who gets AIDS" (Rock Hudson, that famous basketball guy, etc.)

5.  Then, Politically Correct Public Acceptance (consensus) is reached... the "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan" was complete.[2]

You may recall that Texe Marrs did an article with a great photo two years ago (2010) re "THE ILLUMINATI DOCTRINE of the DOUBLE MIND."[3]  


"Natural Hygiene" is a movement that originated in the 1700-1800's USA when a few early pioneers/doctors scattered about began rebelling against the idea of druggery after they observed their own patients getting well without the latest "cure-all."  Instead they proposed bed rest, fasting, fruits/veggies, fresh air & sunshine, etc.  (That's another whole fascinating story in itself for another time).

For now, two early books re AIDS that I had heard about through "Natural Hygiene" circles in the late 1980's-early 1990's:

Roger's Recovery from AIDS: How One Man Defeated the Dread Disease (Paperback)
by Bob L. Owen, Ph.D.,D.Sc.,C.R. re the AIDS patient, Roger Cochran, MD. 
Release date: September 1987:

...And... The Great AIDS Hoax  by TC Fry

Release date: February 1990:


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