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Friday, July 6, 2012

LONDON-Shock Political Survey Results

Shock Political Survey Results

 July 5, 2012

Over the two week period from the beginning of June, 4 ex London School of Economics students were part of a larger study which was sponsored by the organisation Doctors Against racism, to complete a telephone poll each evening in the greater London area, asking the following questions.
No record was kept of nationalities, or whether the respondents were employed or unemployed.
1. Would you support another government war, this time on Iran?
Results 68% no 5% yes rest don’t know.
2. Do you agree generally with the government wars in Middle East countries?
70% no 4% yes rest don’t know.
3. Would you agree to Bush, Blair and Sharon being prosecuted for what they have done in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Lebanon?
62% yes 12% no rest don’t know?
4. Do you think the British government acquiesced in the killings of Dr. David Kelly and Princess Diana? 
76% yes 14% no rest don’t knows
5. Do you agree with current high levels of immigration into Britain?
An astonishing 83% no 9% yes rest don’t know.
6. Were you in favour of Britain holding the Olympics?
70% no 15% yes rest don’t know.
(There was much criticism of the zion politicising of the so called games and the involvement of so much weaponry)
7. Has unemployment badly affected your family?
85% yes 10% no rest don’t know.
8. If there was an election in Britain tomorrow would you vote ? 
73% no 12% yes rest don’t know.
9. Do you value our current political leaders in Britain?
79% no 6% yes rest don’t know.
10. Should Britain leave the EU? 
 61% yes 15% no rest don’t know.
(Before voting on this question many seemed unsure )
11. Do you think British politicians have let the people down over the banking issue?
87% yes no 8% rest don’t know.
Asking for general opinions, many felt the government was way too racist against its own people, many wanted job creation programmes, and a level playing field with foreigners coming in for work, and criminal offenders immediately deported. The NHS was constantly criticised, as was health tourism by incomers, strong feelings were shown over the criminal antics of the bankers and the Israeli lobby was said to have too much power, police were said to have lost touch and the support of the public, and many felt taxation was way too high.
The figures shown in the study were a shocking indictment of the British political situation as it stands.
In retrospect more questions should have been asked and this may be addressed in the autumn poll.

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