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Monday, August 27, 2012

Israeli Settler: ‘If I see her coming, no matter what age she is 3, 4, 7, I’ll f*ck her over’.

Israeli Settler: ‘If I see her coming, no matter what age she is 3, 4, 7, I’ll f*ck her over’. Israeli Soldier: ‘No problem’ (video )

by Annie Robbins

August 25, 2012

Listen to the settler discuss these Palestinian girls with the Israeli soldier. 
0:04 – Soldier: "But you’re getting in our way, don’t you understand? You’re getting in our way."
0:07 – Settler: "I’ll stand on the side. I’ll stand on this side, but If I see her coming near [here], remember, it doesn’t matter, 3, 4 or 7 years old, I’ll fuck her over."
0:12 – Soldier: "No problem."
+972 Journalist Dimi Reider's Facebook:
...for those of you indulging in ultra-right-commenters-safari, check out the thread under this pic. The pic depicts two Palestinian girls in their early teens being detained by IDF troops. The page admins wrongly identifies them as Jewish left-wing activists. A selection of the comments: "Rape and a bullet through the head." "Finally they arrest the terrorist sluts, look at them crying over missing the chance to get fucked by the entire village" "Cut them into pieces slowly so they suffer before they die" "Go on, cry, at least we'll use vaselin, in Nebi Saleh they will fuck you dry" "Someone should publish where they live."
In the comments at Reider's page fellow +972  Journalist Lisa Goldman explains:
Liran, the younger one is the daughter of Narimin Tamimi, wife of Bassem Tamimi. She is 10 years old. The older girl is a first cousin. She is 11 years old. They live in Nabi Saleh. I know them and I guess quite a few people reading this thread know them too.
Update: Mondo reader Shmuel adds in the comments below:
Translation note: "lezayen" (lit. fuck) in this context means "fuck over" or something like that. In other words it is violent and shocking (especially in reference to a child) and part of the sexist and sexualised vocabulary of the occupation, but not specifically sexual in meaning.


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