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Monday, May 31, 2010

ISRAEL-Open Letter to the Israeli Ambassador to London

Open Letter to the Israeli Ambassador to London
URGENT International law and the law of the seas.

David Halpin

Open Letter to the Israeli Ambassador to London.
His Excellency Mr Ron Prosor.

David Halpin, Founder: http:www,

Subject: URGENT International law and the law of the seas URGENT

May 31, 2010

Mr Prosor,

"The images are certainly not pleasant. I can only voice regret at all the fatalities," he told Israel's Army Radio. (Press TV quote at 05.27 from Israeli Trade and Industry Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer)

I am sure, as a surgeon, that the pictures will not be 'pleasant' given use of the likely weaponry. Were hollow tipped bullets used on some victims - as were used on Jean Charles de Menezes?

Mr Prosor. The entity which you represent has been able to continue in its barbarism since '48, and indeed before (the massacre in the King David Hotel being but one example) only because a total immunity is provided by the western nations. My own country of birth, Britain, is a leading apologist for the lawless and psychopathic behaviour of all those of all political stripes heading/who have headed the Zionist entity. 

Time to stop smiling Mr Prosor, to hang your head in shame and plead forgiveness. And Mr Hague and his FCO colleagues will need to do the same. ''Regret'' is insufficient. Unlawful threats were made and those should have been met with the strongest condemnation by all interested nations. War crimes charges are likely and the 1957 Geneva Conventions Act UK remains extant.

David Halpin FRCS

PS an excerpt from a letter to the BBC yesterday:-
'Hannah Hass was being marched from a cattle train to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen on a summer's day in 1944. "She and the other women had been 10 days in the train from Yugoslavia. They were sick and some were dying. Then my mother saw these German women looking at the prisoners, just looking. This image became very formative in my upbringing, this despicable 'looking from the side'. It's as if I was there and saw it myself." ' (1)

(1)Amira Hass: Life Under Israeli Occupation. By an Israeli Published on Sunday, August 26, 2001 in the Independent. By Robert Fisk 'Jewish journalist, Amira Hass, doesn't merely report on the experiences of Palestinians on the West Bank. She shares their lives'

The western nations, all too numerous, have 'looked from the side' this week end but that will not be your defence Mr Prosor.


Dear Mr Prosor,

I am receiving reports from several UK subjects on board the ships of the flotilla bound for Gaza. This flotilla poses no threat to Israel and yet already, 90 miles off the coast, 3 Israeli ships have appeared. Threats, previously made, have been repeated. That is the ships will be boarded and taken under tow to Ashdod.

What is proposed by your state is outside all law. And I happen to know that British Maritime Law from circa 1880 still obtains in Israel. Threatening to board and seize civilian ships in international waters must be outside those maritime laws.

But above statute comes humanity. Your people must surely be the first to shrink from impeding, or even worse harming, an humanitarian mission, a clear example from the Good Samaritan.

I ask you to call off your armed and powerful warships and leave the ships free for their peaceful purposes.

yours sincerely

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

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