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Monday, May 31, 2010

Layla Anwar

Layla Anwar 2 - from a non-Iraqi to a non-Iraqi perspective

Hussein Anwar

"The Bleeding Woman by Betool Fekaiki 1997"

May 30, 2010

I will suppose that I am a non-Iraqi and I am addressing this post to non-Iraqis...and I will speak only from that perspective, from a perspective of an outsider.

Layla would not of had these blogs if you hadn't invaded, occupied and destroyed her country, a country that is so dear to her just like anyone of us. Layla and many suffering Iraqis were rooted by force from their place, she had a life just like you have one. You destroyed her beautiful cities, the places she goes to with friends, stroll in the car or simply have a night walk on Abu Nawas Street, you tortured, raped and put in prison Iraqi females and males, the Iraqi females who she feels she has an obligation to defend and raise their voices more than any other Iraqi.

You forced her out of her country, and now she lives in exile like many Iraqis, you destroyed everything, everything that holds some small or big memory in the life of THE Layla Anwar. Though I have listed the achievements of your ugly faces here on this blog, but I wish to list them again...for a reminder...just a quick list that may be very much incomplete.

1- 2,000,000 widows in Baghdad only.
2- 4,500,000 orphans whom many of them have been abused and traded for sex slaves.
3- dried up rivers that result in drought that result in the death of many plants especially the famous Iraqi palm tree.
4- rooting all trees and palm trees from side walks on every highway and even inside the cities.
5- you isolated Baghdad neighborhoods with walls, and each neighborhood has only one exit.
6- No electricity, No clean water, No enough medicine and of course...poverty. these go without saying in the first place.
7- killing more than 1,600,000 Iraqis only between the years of 2003-2008
8- killing over 1,000,000 Iraqi children as a result of cancer which is of course a result of your fucked up uranium.
9- you looted, smuggled, traded and destroyed the history of her country right from the museums.
10- and you inhabit the country with the worse enemy of Iraq...the Persians and you allow them to commit all sorts of disgusting crimes.

And I will stop...right there. you expect Layla to say Thank You? or do you expect her to cheer up? or do you expect her to say anything nice about you?

Layla is giving you exactly what you deserve. remember...this is from a non-Iraqi point of view. Why would you destroy anyone's country and expect them to say something nice about you? the few lines I wrote above quickly justify the existence and the contenct Layla's blogs hold. Layla is no beast, Layla is no computer, Layla is no human stripped naked from all feelings, Layla is not a cold hearted bitch the way she wants to appear...but you forced her to be like that, because that is how you deserve to be treated since you guys are not decent at all.

I do understand that prejudice i.e to generalize is not a nice thing, and i can understand an appreciate the efforts of very FEW of you non-Iraqis that try to raise the voices of the suffering Iraqis. But...since the majority of you don't care for the crimes your governments committed, the crimes your soldiers committed (and I am pretty sure there is a soldier in every family), and in the first hate Arabs and this came from an education you either got at school, home or simply from your Hollywood...let me ask "Why shouldn't Layla generalize?" and "Why shouldn't any Iraqi generalize?" and "why should any Iraqi have anything nice to say about the West?"

The evil, malicious, rude, tough, bad attitude etc that Layla appears on her blogs is the Layla whom you have forced to be like that. Layla was not that person at all. it is really a very simple equation "for every action there is a reaction" and as some people put it more perfectly "for every action there is an equal reaction." what you what you get, you reap what you saw, name it the way you like. this is the case here.

Put yourselves in our shoes...and reflect for a moment.

speaking from my own personal perspective. I am fond of Layla, every thing in her the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.Layla reminds me of the mother I lost long ago, reminds me of the elementary teachers I had, very firm, very tough, very caring at the same time, very eager to graduate a generation of true Iraqis,an education that is based on the love of the country. That generation of Iraqi women is no longer there...or let me say no longer active only a few of them and Layla is one of them.

That generation is unlike this generation which is a starbucks generation, a playstation generation, an in-house-cafe generation, a facebook generation, a westernized generation, an americanized generation, a generation that is so eager to let go their Arab roots, customs, traditions and even religion at times.

Layla reminds of my strong mother, Layla is the ideal Iraqi female I always had in mind, the exact image of the strong, confident, beautiful, educated, independent, leading (as in leadership), firing Iraqi females that I always drew in my mind ever since I was a child many many years ago.

Layla is a Khatoon. Khatoon is a Turkish word Iraqis use, and it literally means "Lady". well Layla is a true Lady when you get to know her, so patriotic to the extent that nothing occupies her mind only the suffering of her country and her fellow Iraqis, she is a good cook by the way, a poet, a writer and I have no artist. I wouldn't be surprised if she would register for another blog only for painting, and if she does...I would tell you from now...all paintings would be related directly or indirectly in a way or another to Iraq.

As "little dear" said, a reader and a commentator from Layla's very first posts, she said-

"You mention that Layla is resented because sh e is Arab, which could well be true, particularly given the current anti-Arab tr end today. However, I think we could go one step further and say that it could be because she is an IRAQI Arab. Don't forget you and your land have been occupi ed, your entire lives and futures taken over by those who believe they are bringing you 'freedom and democracy'!"

Many of you have no fucking idea what or who Iraqi women are, you just think that Iraqi women are a bunch of females living in tents guided, lead and treated like maids from their Bedouin husbands. well you should know that Iraqi women are very Independent.

And you hate to see a strong Independent Arab-IRAQI female, an ARAB IRAQI female whom you cannot shut up, whom you cannot answer back, and even if you would fail miserably because for every question Layla has an answer, a very convincing answer that will shut you up in return, if you fire at her (and I hope you don't) you would get more shit and fire more than you ever expected. Shit and fire for many of you will leave you feeling guilty perhaps for the rest of your lives.

Layla is not to be conquered, Layla is not to be controlled, Layla is not to be lead or guided. Layla is designed to LEAD and GUIDE because Layla is very independent, leadership is simply built into her system probably because that is the way she was grown up. Layla is something you hate to see in the Arab world because she is someone you never expected, she proved the exact opposite of the image of the Arab women you had in mind and especially the Iraqi females because you thought you broke Iraq and now one will pop up from the middle of the Iraqi people to give you a big fuck you.

I feel it is my obligation to write about this great Lady, this great woman, this great Iraqi not because I am waiting for a thank you from her...on the contrary it is my obligation as a fellow Iraqi to write about this great human because no one, no Iraqi thought of giving her credit for everything she has done for her country even if it was only articles, posts and words. no one thought of giving her credit, no one thought of the long hours, days, weeks that she sits in front of her laptop for long hours till the early morning only to raise the suffering voice of her country and fellow Iraqis while she could of simply went out with friends, clubbing, partying, and dinning with her friends or family but on the contrary Layla has invested these long hours and days to raise the voice of her country rather than have fun.

to put is in simple words...Layla Anwar is the ideal Iraqi female that the Arab nation has long lost...long ago quit to produce. If only Layla Anwar and women like her are in positions of power...we would literally be living the pink dreams as we say in Iraqi.

Let Layla Anwar know that her country is grateful for what she has done, and that her country will never forget it because I am a part of her country and I will never forget it. Her posts will be read by my grandsons and granddaughters and that her posts would be the best bed time stories for these little children to grow up loving their country and always remembering the Great Iraqi Layla Anwar.

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