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Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Steve Amsel, Desertpeace

June 1, 2010

Two and a half years ago I wrote the following…
Israel does not carry the blame alone for the carnage we see in Gaza today. The world is aware of what is happening and they chose to look the other way…
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is close by to hear it fall, was there a noise? YES!
If an entire segment of humanity is being brutally murdered and screams out for help and no one hears them, was there a cry for help? Again YES!

Gaza is dying slowly at the hands of the most brutal oppressor of this century and no one is listening to their cries for help… Has the world gone mad? Israel has committed crime after crime against the Palestinian people simply 'because they can’…. have we reached a point where the world just doesn’t care any longer and allows them to continue? Sure, there were condemnations from the United Nations…. words…. NO ACTIONS.

The West has been silent… thereby giving total support to the genocide being carried out…. THE WORLD SHARES THE GUILT OF ISRAEL’S CRIMES.

Yesterday we saw that carnage off the coast of Gaza, in international waters. We saw scores of innocent, UNARMEDHuman Rights workers murdered in cold blood by the Israeli military. Today we will see demonstrations throughout the world protesting these events. Jewish organisations as well have added their condemnations as can be seen HERE and HERE. There are more, but these two are the best known for their outspokenness against zionist terrorism. Why do I bring this up? Simply to make it clear to anyone in doubt that not all Jews are zionists. As in the past, there will be chants at many demonstrations of "Death to the Jews"…. they will, for the most part be chanted by those that want to discredit the Palestinian cause. They are the very people that Foxman and company will single out to 'prove’ to all that anyone against Israeli policies is an anti Semite. That is nothing but pure, unadulterated gibberish.

Even when the 'Jewish’ military jumps a ship and points a gun at you (by you I mean anyone they wish to target as a terrorist) they don’t want to be called 'Jews’… it sounds too offensive. 'Israeli’ is a much 'safer’ terminology.

But why this post with this heading…. J’ACCUSE TOUT LE MONDE! Why do I accuse the entire world for Israel’s atrocities? Simply because they have allowed them to continue since 1948. Without the support of the West, the United States in particular, Israel would not have dared to go as far as they have. So yes, I accuse the US government in particular, but my accusations do not end there…. I accuse every citizen of the world that does not boycott Israeli goods. Their indirect support of Israel is what allows them to continue. Every foreign dollar that goes to Israel for any reason is a vote of confidence for their policies. Complicity and support equals guilt… guilt of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and now piracy.

The Foxmans will undoubtedly label me an anti Semite or a self hating Jew…. I’m used to their name calling, but I will never get used to the fact that there are not millions of others who speak out, not only Jews, but Christians and Muslims as well. I cannot believe that humanity is heartless, that they do not care…. lift your voices NOW before it’s really too late. Don’t allow zion to control your mind! Don’t allow zion to control the world! Let them do their labeling, let them do the accusing…. BUT DON’T LET THEM CONTINUE TO MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE! YOUR SILENCE IS KILLING THEM AS WELL!!

Image Copyleft by Carlos Latuff


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