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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Al- Dhari Sends A Letter To Iraqi Tribes

Al- Dhari Sends A Letter To Iraqi Tribes

ImageThe esteemed Secretary General of AMSI Sheikh Harith Al-Dhari has sent an open letter to the Iraqis tribes; the letter was broadcasted directly from Aljazeera TV. Here, the details: 

Praise be to Allah, peace and prayer to the prophet of Allah, His family and His companions, 
We direct this letter to good Iraqi tribes, the supporters of its texture, the guarantee of its unity and peace. They are the ladder of rescue from the occupation wells, to glamour Iraqi tribes in North, in South and in the mid of our beloved country in their various sects and ethnics. 

The Generous Iraqi Brothers... The good willing Iraqi sons 
You were at the vision of the enemy since a long time in the history. You were the shelter for good deed in the motherland because you are representing the real power in the country. So the enemy wants to reach the aim they have planned through yourselves. The friends of the occupiers also want to reach the same aim via your assistances. On the contrary of that the pure, good deed and country lovers want the assistances from you in any occasion that harm the land such as occupation and liberation struggle of the said occupation.  

However, thanks Allah, you were always a thorn in the eyes of the enemy that kept them away of their evil projects. You were a naked sword in the hands of good deed powers would not replace in its sheath until the land is liberated.

So we promised to continue on as the far and the near past.

The best nearest condemnation was the blessed twentieth revolution (1921 Brigades); you were its heroes of the combat as Sunnis, Shiites, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens and others. 

The Esteemed Brothers
Today Iraq is passing through a great combat which has not been seen in the history before. The event of occupying a country by a super power that wants to control the whole world was not happened before.  

Your sons have let the enemy to taste the bitter life. It is under a great crises and it is almost suffocated. The American Congress has conditioned the subject of confirming of assisting the army with financial aids to withdraw. Because dozens of soldiers were killed and death on them has not been stopped even one moment. The war on Iraq is rather unacceptable matter so we are just about gaining the victory and getting rid of the occupation if Allah is willing to. 

The dearest
But the enemy is still not hopeless yet. It is searching for a trick in order to rescue itself and to protect a little bit of shame. The enemy considered you as a nation without any mass and heaviness so it has aimed you by invasion of your country attempting to wipe up all values of Iraqi nation. That is why the houses, homes and shelters were attacked. That is why your honest people were pulled to prisons and to wipe your tradition and the customary way of living.    
This time the enemy seems to you as a good friend; it seems that his only aim is to assist you. However all are false. The enemy wants to pull you into projects and gatherings against each other of the nation's sons. But you are the tribes’ sons who are experienced and many people are learning the life lessons from you. You never move with such disgusting and false things.

Dear Brothers
Our enemy has spent too many efforts since the occupation to divide the country as to sects and ethnicities. Because such attempts will led the country to be weak, smashed and to remain in chaos which will be in an inability condition to develop itself. 

They want to keep Iraq a second Lebanon. You can see the friend country that some times explained as the gem of the region. Today’s condition is not pleasing the friend; since the sectarian and ethnical events were subjected the country that could not take decisions or has any settlements. Lebanon became uncovered field that everybody (the near and the far) interfere in its affairs on the account of the people’s security and goodness. 

When prime minister is assassinated the dissension between them will be ignited and various accusations are started. When the elections were close up the crisis started as if they are just about to get into a combat. Today in order to elect a president, you will see their country is shaken from one side to another. The countries in east and west interfere in order to impose their agents, politics and benefits. If Lebanon was a strong country these would have never happened. 

The Lebanese people are good people, their bad system harmed them so they tried too hard in several stages to cure the wounds and exceed the pains in case to live in peace. But its enemies were attempting to scatter the security when it has somehow a quite life, the symbols of the country as the leaders and commanders were one of the followed methods to realize their aim.

A civil war was ignited lasted for more than fifteen years that wiped the green and the dry and sanked the country into debits. Today they want the same fire be ignited again.

We, in the meantime, pray Allah to save this Arab country from all crises and keep them with peace, security, strength and settlement. We also call all Iraqis to consider the Lebanese events as a lesson. Because the enemy is trying to move the peace of our nation into the same manner; they want to pass the same as Lebanon.

You have to remember that Command Council that has divided the country on the bases of sects and ethnics. Then they came to the preparation of the constitution which was the support of the program. It has prepared the base in order to turn the theory into a practice. The politics of sectarian murdering is on the shoulders of the occupation and the internal and external evil powers that have assisted them in order to realize the division. We are still paying its value too expensive as we had paid before. The mischief-making of occupation and similar politics are the reasons for that. All these politics are aiming to keep Iraq and its people weak.
Baydin Project was too bad which divided Iraq into divisions in order to feel the pulse and then to see that the idea is sat down. I witness that you have increased our pride and disappointed your enemy when you announced your ejection to the project. Thanks Allah for the attitude you chose.

Yes, some politicians are innocent of the confirmation of the political operation. The politicians that confirmed the operation are now turned, as it is known to all, over to their own benefit. The most important thing for them in the federalism is to keep them on top and continue to have the wealth of the country not only for themselves but for their progenies after them. They have turned the lives of the innocent people into hell. They never served them a single beneficial thing, do you think what will happen if the command of the country turned to them.

Today the occupation is attempting to another way of realizing the project. The new attempt is to scatter the unity of the sects, the unity of the tribes and the unity of the region. Then they will constitute new cantons and armed regions killing each other and making war commanders in order to rivalry among themselves. Then they will ignite the dissension fire in our beloved country keeping it weak and sick at last to reach the country into internal war.

No doubt for the tribes’ sons that the most important thing is a successful land. The enemy will spend energy and property to build centers of polarity inside a tribe and they will feed the polarity with properties and weapons and of course from the Iraqi wealth too, then the internal conflict will start. The enemy has really started to take such action in the med and South of Iraq, so, o sons of tribes be careful.

The Dearest sons of Iraq 
Before a couple of days the occupation country USA President has permitted himself to study an agreement about the sovereignty of Iraq and the high benefit behind a closed door with the today’s Prime Minister who has assign him before and gained to him a big support in spite of being the worst person assigned as the head of the government. Now they want from him to the price as selling Iraq to a master, as this person never cares about Iraq just only for his position. So he prepared to sell Iraq.

This document is contained the support of the occupation country to the current government and his developed security system for a long time scheme. The so-called security system has killed the people of Iraq in South, in North and the midst of the country. It has also imposed many kinds of tortures. This was documented by International Human Rights Organization. The way of practicing of the said system is as if the Iraqi people are the enemies. Yes, it performs so and applies such course.

In the same time an assistance to wipe its enemies was given to this government in the agreement. The enemies as they consider are anybody who stands against their path, the tribes’ symbols and the legal Iraqi resistance as well as any voice rejects this injustice procedure of the government will be at the lion’s mouth.

It has consisted also, the reputation of the current constitution and protects it and refuses any attempts that could delay or postponed it. You know that this constitution is the reasons of all these problems after the occupation. It has the articles of partition; the self control of the nation was illegally gone. It was written by these parties whom are friendly with occupation and its projects. This document that is intending to be signed next year has also contained signing long terms military, security and economical agreements and other many evil things. -The Prime Minister has agreed on in order to realize his masters’ wishes.

The document is as a mortgage Iraq together with its wealth and future. This is the real scandal, scandal to US Administration that did not stop by occupying and destroying Iraq but want to occupy it forever. It is scandal for the politicians whom were assigned and accept to serve them.

For the US President and his cabinet they have to stop ignoring the self controlling of the Iraqi nation, the International treaties and the violation of the Iraqi person. They should thing about their mistakes which were done against the nation and have to submit their excuses and compensate them for what they have lost with justice. Their dream of conquering Iraq and sucking its wealth will never be realized with assistance of Almighty Allah. 

Dear Brothers
We have no other chance unless tied ourselves to Allah’s strength, then looking to our unity and consider the aggression of it as red lined error, continuing on with big efforts to get rid of the enemy and its remainders and expel them out of the country’s territory whatever could be the difficulties. We have also wounds of our injuries and to be gathered in order to plot for our bright future away from the enemy’s aim and goals. We are with all Iraqi sons; we are with you to prepare for our country’s future. We will not permit and agree for anybody to interfere in our affairs and to divide us. We have the right to live in security and freedom and sovereignty in the framework of unified Iraq.

The occupation has to leave the country first, in order to manage ourselves. The occupation puts the hindrances, the occupation from time to time is igniting different dissensions among us and constitutes the sects, ethnics, social, economical and security and other problems. Unfortunately the enemy has somebody of us who is assisting and helping to apply the plans came in sake it. All these aims are for remaining the chaos over Iraq and in case to feel that as if we are in need to the occupation and the conditions will go more badly. As we will thing if the occupation with its forces of hundreds of thousands of armed forces could not control the Iraqi condition how come we could after the occupation leave? This is the occupation and who is dependent claims and wants us to think so. Some has fallen in the fishing net and started to accept the occupation whereas they were against it yesterday. They think that if the occupation remains in Iraq an internal war will never happen. On the contrary the occupation is the base of the problems, the crises and the crimes were increased in their existence which the Iraqis never have seen before even the Iraq’s history. Do you think why? Because the occupation itself is behind it. Can you see when we could reach to solve problem and pull out its roots another problem is appeared in front of us in case to hinder of solving the first and so on. The problems and the dissension will never be solved in this case. But when the occupation is left then we will be able to get all problems be solved. We the Iraqis don’t have great problems; our land is vast and can contain much more population then todays. Thanks Allah our land is a fertile from the North down to the South. It has a big quantity of water and our resources are enough for us. Even though it is enough for the coming generations. These are the reasons which let our enemies to perform their evil aim. Let’s agree on to be one hand in order to expel them out of the country. 

Dear the Country's Beloved Sons
Countries all over the world have got troops and armies that defend and protects in abnormal conditions. When the enemy has invaded our country and attempting to humiliate us, the first step was dissolving the Iraqi army. This action was intentional in order to keep us without protection.
The Iraqi Army was one of the strongest army in the world and had a high experience; billions of our wealth was spend to organize it. How can we leave it!? Why shall we keep silent without doing something? This is the enemy's wish.  

This army only consists of our sons. They were an honorable vision of Iraq. Because they were from every sects and ethnicities at last they are were Iraqis. They have learned the faith to the motherland away of any sectarian and ethnical ideas.

So we are calling to re-collect them again in spite of false rumors because the rancors could see how they were serving the country.

If there were any personalities in the previous army whom had harmed the country and the nation, this is something could be resolved and be punished anyway but not resolving the whole army for some bad persons. We are really in need for such efficient army especially these days.

Think about today's army and the security system. They were fundamentally established to serve the occupants and perform its projects. What did we benefit of their existence? The murdering in side one sect, killings in the different ethnics, stealing the peoples and the state properties as the petroleum, killing the innocents, invading the cities together with the occupants, torturing the prisoners, destroying the Mosques and religious places, all these and other were performed by those groups... How we could expect that they will rescue us from the torture?

No doubt brothers, there are some people between them who don't like performing injustice doings, but unfortunately they cannot do anything, the good personalities may be chosen among them.

If this military establishment relieves again after the occupation leaves, the security and the natural condition of Iraq will be retained again. Afterwards, all armed elements will be diminished. There will be a certain precaution that prohibits holding any kind of weapons whatsoever be the reason.

Let's do our best to re-collect the national army again, and let us to close our ears to those who wish to announce false ideas. 

Dear Brothers
The future of Iraq will not be affected by anybody. We are able to plot our future – with assistance of God - , the duty will be done with the efficient personalities. They can exceed the difficulties and put all their abilities to re-construct the country again without looking at their sect or ethnics. The legal dialogue will be its formation; the political performance with a particular sect or ethnic will be restricted. We could also agree on editing a new constitution that could protect the rights of all away of occupation destruction, a constitution that everybody can participate, not as the occupation's constitution which the self control of the Iraqi nation were dismissed and it was build upon the wish of the occupation and some assistant of it.
If we agreed on these important aspects, then we could find the relevant mechanism to get start. We could then force the enemy and others to accept our will, if the self controlling of the nations are gathered then it couldn't be defeated.  

At last, we call all good willing, honored tribes and ourselves also to resist and struggle for the bright aim.

The patience and resistance are the best ways of solving all difficulties because the nations could not do anything without patience.  

The blessed Iraqi tribe sons
You have to affect the project of the occupation to be failed. The day is so near to success, be prepared to the step of liberation. Your preparation is necessary to re-construct the country on the hands of your sons.

Do not expect that the enemy will build you a country; the enemies are came only to destroy.
These wealth are spending for a big nothing under the name of reconstruction, reconstruction this city or that city… ok where is it?

There is no construction, because it doesn't go to the real construction, but the money of so-called construction is gone into the pockets of the occupation puppets. It goes to the accounts of the persons that the occupation has chosen who are serving the occupation; they will never construct or build anything.

The reconstruction and building of the country is depending on you... Let's be ready for this day which we will start building our country by the hands of our innocent and faithful sons in a way that returns Iraq to its own people, and return its recognized place among the countries either Arabic or Islamic.
  The Almighty Allah's Peace be with you  
Best Regards  
Secretary General of AMSI
     Dr. Harith Al-Dhari  

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