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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winner of the Results of Iraqi Election?

Winner of the Results of Iraqi Election?
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 22:36
ICC: Winners of Election are the Occupation and Iranian Regime 
Iraqi Consultants Council confirmed that only winner of the election results announced last Friday were the brutal occupation and Iranian Regime. A national identity is the only victim of past seven years.  
The statement said that real purpose from the election trap laid by occupation and Iranian regime is to get Iraq to a state of paralysis and political vacuum on one hand, and to keep it in a spiral of tension as a result of sectarian and ethnic polarization on the other hand, aiming at establishing rules of areas zoning and consolidating at the de facto situation.  
The council reviewed a number of discharges resulted in the elections including:  
1.Contradictions system of government in Iraq polarized ideologically and driven ugly which manipulated the votes of three million voters who make up 25% of the total electorate of 12 million mentioned by so-called High Commission for the Elections...Wondering; should seven million Iraqis who have an entitlement to an election be blamed of not to participate in the elections?
2.Although ethnic and sectarian parties got only 34% of the votes from 19 million eligible voters, the parties have received - according to the abhorrent system - more than 62% of the seats in so-called next parliament. It confirms objectives of the current system in the consolidation of ugly ideological polarization in the country.
3.Next authority will be minority rule regardless of the makeup of the cabinet as the sum of sectarian parties three plus 1 represent less than 50% of the total.
4.The biggest bloc did get only 14% of the votes of those who participated in the elections. Therefore the coming rule will not be the rule of a minority, but in fact the rule of a minority of the minority.
5.Next government polarized religiously and ethnically regardless of the government formation where the ruling sectarian parties made 203 seats of the total seats 325.
6.This bloc does not represent national identity as it pursues a sectarian or ethnic policy.
7.The Iraqi List which claims to represent the national identity did not get in the southern provinces only 12 seats out of 119 seat which show:
  a)Direct intervention of the Iranian regime in the southern provinces and the falsification of election results.
  b)The Iraqi List is not representing a true national identity which means that the silent majority in southern Iraq do not want to return to the past.
8.This election proved that the Kurdistan Alliance does not have an absolute majority in their own home; they did not get the rate of 50% to achieve a majority in spite of the absence of any serious challenger to him in the northern governorates.
9.It became evident in this election to sectarian parties that they are rejected by the majority in the southern provinces. The list of so-called the Rule of Law led by Nuri al-Maliki does not exceed 28%, Hakim's party does not exceed 21% which means that the absolute majority of the Sons of Iraq in the south refuse abhorrent sectarianism of these parties associated with the Iranian regime.
10.Election fraud occurred in one way or another through the confiscation of the rights of not less than 10 million Iraqis under the poverty level and four million displaced.
Iraqi Consultants Council stressed that these elections will not bring anything new and will not change the tragedies and horrors suffered by the Iraqi people as long as the sectarian parties that have emerged under the occupation control the system of authority in this wounded country.
In conclusion, the council reiterated its call upon all Iraqi forces that are anti-occupation and rejecting the current political system to unite the lines for saving the Iraqi people from the tragedies suffered by seven years due to continuous abhorrent occupation and failure of successive governments...
It pointed out that this suffering people are tired of living in the nightmares of the past, and looks forward to the new blood taken their hands to safety, freedom and dignity. 

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