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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strange Noises

Strange Noises: Are they UFOs, thunder, HAARP or a hoax?

Thu Jan 19 2012 12:01

Strange Noises: Are they UFOs, thunder, HAARP or a hoax?
The online community have been spooked by a series of videos uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing websites which appear to show loud noises rumbling apparently from beneath the ground.

People from a wide ranges of cities and countries have uploaded videos.

While some appear to be relatively obvious hoaxes, others remain unexplained and ideas as to what the noises might be range from the mundane to the arguably ridiculous.

Some people on social networking sites, online forums and video sharing sites have suggested the strange noises might be the work of HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP is a US-based research project that studies the ionosphere - a part of the Earth's upper atmosphere - and it has regularly been the subject of conspiracy theorists' discussions.

Other people have proposed the sounds might be being caused by cloaked UFOs or Fracking, a controversial method for extracting natural gas from the ground. 

I was awoken by a sound like a train passing by my house. This is strange as where I live there are no train tracks. I looked out the window and saw nothing. The sound seemed to come from the sky. The loud "train"noise went away, but in the background I could still hear sounds that sounded like whale noises and metallic bangs. I tried recording the sound and the two first times I failed (apparently, I never recorded anything). During this thime I heard the train noise TWO more times. One of these times it was so loud I had to cover my ears. No airplanes where visible at the time. It was dark outside (00:10 at night something).
The third time I tried recording the whale noises had almost faded completly, but I managed to get one (perhaps three if you count the third sound clip) sound on tape. I also managed to get one "train" noise but it was not as loud as the others had been (I'm not bothering to post it).Minutes later i heard two large bangs followed by a low rumbling noise, so I wipped out my recorder and caught this. NOTICE THE TWO LOUD "BREATHING SOUNDS" SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIRST AUDIO CLIP.

It sounds a bit like a train, although It cannot be a train nor an airplan because:
-The sounds followed eachother with only a few seconds (perhaps twenty) in between.
-There are no traintracks here (atleast nowhere near my house)
-No airplanes where visible in the sky.

I have had a similar experience a few months ago. But then I heard the high pitched ringing noise. It lasted for about three minutes.
I did get alot more audio than what I have posted so far. I'll try to digitaly enhance them because currently not all strange noises that I captured can be heard.
I acctually dropped my recorder down a three meter building whilst trying to place it on the window sill, so the fact that it can still record is somewhat of a miracle.


(29-1-2012) Early Monday morning around midnight, Costa Ricans from Herida, in the Central Valley, all the way to Perez Zeledon and Dominical, heard was sounded oddly similar to ocean waves. Not natural ocean waves mind you, more metallic in nature.
Costa Rica news outlets were quick to dismiss the strange noise as nothing more than reverberation from fireworks at the final night of the Zapote Fair. It is important to note however that, Zapote is located in the Central Valley near downtown San Jose in the middle of the country. Perez Zeledon is over one of the most treacherous high mountain ranges in the country by 3 hour drive time. Highly unlikely any fireworks going off in Zapote would be heard this far south, some 150kms away.


Rumble in the sky over Samarahan

Posted on January 15, 2012, Sunday

HERE IT IS: (From left) Harith, Ferdauz and Mahmud listen to a recording made by Harith when the incidents happened.

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Unexplained chilling sounds, which filled the air of Samarahan in the wee hours of Jan 11 and 12, have residents there puzzled and perturbed until today.
One of the theories being thrown into the pan is that it could be a by-product of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) undertaken by the United States, while others believed it were from processing machines hard at work at an oil palm factory owned by Felcra in Kampung Endap.
But the fact remains that until today the mysterious sounds, which some say resembled loud snoring sounds, remain veiled.
Teacher Mohd Ferdauz Jemain, who lives at Kampung Meranek, was one of those who heard the unexplained phenomenon on Jan 11.
“It was around 2 am when I was awoken by a strange sound. It was a loud hushing sound, and quite similar to someone snoring.
“I immediately got out of bed and went outside of my house to see what was happening. The feeling was a chilling one. I could not establish where the sound was coming from … it was as if something coming from the sky.
“Frightened, I quickly dashed inside, but stayed awake till daylight as I would not sleep any longer. If I am not mistaken, the sound persisted until about 5am.”
To prove that he was not spinning a tale, Ferdauz said he had recorded the phenomenon on his mobile phone, and he played it for thesundaypost reporter yesterday.
He added that the matter became a hot topic of discussion in Samarahan that day, and some of the residents even documented their experience on Facebook.
“Villagers in Meranek, Pinang, Sindang, Tambirat and even those living at Desa Ilmu housing estate have also heard those eerie sounds.”
Several residents suggested that it could have come from the oil palm factory in Kampung Endap, but resident Harith Amin, who had worked at that factory previously, brushed it off as nonsense.
“The factory has been there for the last eight years, and I am sure it was not sounds produced by the machines there. In addition to that, no oil palm processing machines could produce sounds which could be heard 8km away,” said Harith, who also made a recording of what he had witnessed. To verify Harith’s theory, Ferdauz decided that should the phenomenon occur again the next day, he would make a dash for the factory.
Ferdauz: “I worked at a school in Sebuyau, so I wake up very early to go to school. True enough, the strange sounds happened the next day, and I quickly made a stop in front of the factory. No sounds came out from there (factory).”
Ferdauz claimed that he also saw strange pattern in the skies in the early morning of Jan 12.
“The clouds appeared to be in straight lines, and well formed. I have never seen anything like it, but whatever it is, I am sure there must be a scientific explanation for it.
“But later that day, an earthquake hit Sumatera in neighbouring Indonesia with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter scale. I am not sure whether both incidents are related in some ways.”
The incidents only occurred for two nights – Jan 11 and 12.
Meanwhile, Kampung Meranek’s JKKK chairperson Mahmud Pawi, who claimed that he also heard the sounds together with his family, said hoped that the authorities concerned could shed light on the matter.
“When I woke up that morning (Jan 11), I had goose bumps just listening to the sounds. I quickly woke up my entire family and we sat at the veranda trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from.
“We hope that someone can step forward and enlighten us with an explanation.”

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