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Sunday, April 4, 2010

''Kill the Boer'' (2)

S.Africa: 2010: EXCELLENT: Thanks for your support in my challenge to President Zuma on a RACE WAR - NOW!!!

Date Posted: Sunday 04-Apr-2010
Well folks, you have certainly stunned me. I did not expect it. I thought a lot of you would regard me as a kook for doing it. However that article I did where I stated the case about having a racial war RIGHT NOW if President Jacob Zuma wants it... WOW... you folks voted in support of me in a way I never expected.

I am absolutely stunned and delighted that so many of you just gave me the thumbs up on that one. I had wondered how others would feel.

To sum up: If President Jacob Zuma is planning a clandestine race war and genocide on us, then he must say so like a man (if he is a man), and we'll fight him with no preparation whatsoever, and with whatever we have at hand RIGHT NOW. We must not give in to their garbage terrorism. The murder of Eugene Terreblanche was terrorism and assassination. He was probably assassinated as a message to us in the hope that we'd all cower if one of our most prominent and staunchest leaders dies.

But folks, we must never give in to that sort of trash. Let Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema all know that for every one of us that falls, ten will be ready to take his place. I hope that a 100 "Eugene Terreblanches" now stand up to be counted.

If President Jacob Zuma wants a black on white race war, he must just say the word.

I hear that Julius Malema has been in Zimbabwe and the ZIMBABWEANS HAVE BEEN SINGING: KILL THE BOER!!! Yeah... right now... this weekend.

Another friend of mine said to me also: This is Easter Weekend, a most important holiday for Christians, and a most appropriate time to strike the Afrikaners who are largely Christian.

This was terrorism or provocation... whichever.

The ANC can jump around as much as they please and say its an accident but its NOT.

I hear that a representative of the Transvaal Agricultural Union was interviewed and he said that in recent months (since Julius Malema started his race baiting), farm murders have increased from 1 every 25 days to 1 every 18 days.

So there you have it... they have been stepping up their attacks against us for months now.

Folks, if you want to do something positive, get on websites, blogs, forums or your cell phone... and spread the word of the ANC's racial moves against us.

Julius Malema is no goon - he is the FACE of race war. He is leading the charge because if President Jacob Zuma leads the charge the whole world won't believe it and even they will be utterly disgusted. However, if Julius Malema leads the charge it won't make the ANC look that bad. However, Malema was laughed at by Liberals who thought he was a clown, and then the ANC structures and Jacob Zuma had to come in to give his image a boost, to send the clandestine message to the blacks that: THIS GUY IS WORKING WITH OUR OFFICIAL BLESSING.

To hell with this. If they want war, then they must just say so. I think if they want war to start, we must rise to the occasion and fight back with whatever we have and not flinch.

Get involved, get active...

We will discuss the ANC's long range plan for genocide and Mugabe-style moves on us on tuesday.

Anyway, thanks again for those of you who supported me and for your spirit. That's the way it should be. We must not sit here and let them think we will cower in fear at their every utterance. They have been provoking us unceasingly for months now, and I think we must make it clear to people in the outside world who has been provoking us for no reason at all.
Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception

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