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Sunday, April 4, 2010

''kill the Boer'' (4)-FARMERS MURDERS-CRIME IN S.A.

Date Posted: Sunday 04-Apr-2010
In the light of the deliberate murder of Eugene Terblanche, let me point you to some very important links on this site. Here is our farm murders page: [Pics] Gore: Very gruesome: Farm Murders in South Africa (from 1994-2007)

NB: A Transvaal Agricultural Union official was interviewed today. He said that in recent months (no doubt since Julius Malema, the Head of the ANC Youth League has been busy in public with his race hate mongering), that farm murders have increased from one every 25 days to one every 18 days. So the campaign of attacks on whites has most definitely been increasing for months now. President Jacob Zuma has defended Julius Malema's hate speech and the ANC is going to court to fight a court ruling which bans Malema from singing "Kill the Boer" in public. The ANC wants him to be allowed to sing this. On this very weekend that Eugene Terblanche was murdered, Malema is in Zimbabwe on official ANC business meeting with Robert Mugabe and apparently, the Zimbabweans are now also singing "Kill the Boer". There are definite moves towards racial confrontation going on here.

I put up this challenge directly to President Jacob Zuma. If he is intent on murdering us whites and engaging in a race war, then stop skulking around. Be a man, for once, come out and say so, and we'll meet you without any preparation with whatever weapons we have at hand. See: S.Africa: 2010: Attention: President Jacob Zuma - Do you want a Race War with the Afrikaners IMMEDIATELY?


Jan-Oct 2001809106

[9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa

Now murder is an interesting crime. It is also the most sensitive crime and the one the Government is most likely to cover up. Murder can also be a way of assassinating one's opponents. There is a proven link in revolutions between murder and assassination. Terrorists and Liberation Movements in many countries around the world have used murder and crime as a way of hiding their revolutionary activities. They not only use crime to obtain funds, but also to despatch troublesome people. Note how murder climbed quietly and constantly and exploded upwards even until and shortly after 1994. Then it settles down a bit. Or does it? Or have some of the figures been fiddled? We'll discuss that later.

[9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa

Now we see in the combined graph below, all the crimes. I even inserted the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 - and tried to position the column exactly there along with the elections in April 1994. So looking back over the trends we can see:-

1982 - The borders are open, ANC infiltration begins in a big way...

1987 - Violence and terror hits its peak...

1990 - Nelson Mandela is released...

1994 - Nelson Mandela and the ANC come to power.

All these points in time, showing the rise in power of the ANC (even when the White Govt was talking peace and handing over power)... coincide with ever more violence. In short... as the ANC's power grows... so do almost all forms of crime.

[9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa

Jim Peron's statistics only go up to 1997. Even under Mandela, crime was stressing people out and most people who have left this country and emigrated elsewhere have cited crime as the reason. Now you can see why 1 million out of the 5 million whites who left... had good reason to. Even non-whites have left South Africa since 1994!

But as crime was getting worse under Mandela's rule, and then Jim Peron's book came out (which the Govt quietly removed from bookstores) ... the Government became rather concerned about their "image". They weren't so much concerned about actually combatting crime - but about everyone's "perceptions" about crime. So in 2000, they did a strange thing - they put a moratorium on the release of crime statistics. From 2000, until the present time (March 2007), the Govt has never again released crime statistics like they did in the past. They simply keep all crime under wraps for a year and then they release it. From 2000 onwards they also started counting it differently and they changed all sorts of categories. The fudging of crime statistics probably started on a smaller scale prior to 2000 but in 2000 they had to control it very firmly. From then onwards (it should come as no surprise to us), crime has officially been "going down". Pretty much everybody in this country believes the Govt is lying about crime. That's no secret. Everyone can see it. But I wish to make two points:-

1) What might the real crime levels actually be like now?

2) And how does crime compare, even with these fudged statistics, with what it was in the 1970's and 1980's?

I searched the Internet a bit and found two well acknowledged sources of crime statistics.

The one is the Institute for Strategic Studies.

Click here for ISS Crime Statistics.

The other is the South African Government itself.

Click here for the South African Govt Crime Statistics page.

I took the statistics - the fudged ones from Govt, and modified 3 of the crime categories (going back to 1995). And this is the result.

Here is burglary. I have an arrow at 2000, when the Govt officially and openly started suppressing, editing and changing the crime statistics. It should be no surprise that "crime went down". Firstly notice the general upward trend of burglary in S.Africa. If one were to extrapolate it, one could guess that by now, 2007, we should be having about 500,000 burglaries annually as opposed to the 300,000 maximum recorded in those statistics. (Note: Many people in S.Africa do not report all crimes except in order to get a case number for insurance purposes). Secondly, even the fudged crime statistics are extremely high - in fact - higher than at any time during Apartheid including "the struggle/war/revolution".

[9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa

Look at car theft statistics when modified by the official, fudged, Government statistics - taken in a historical context. The blue arrow is when the moratorium on crime statistics was implemented by the ANC in 2000. Not surprisingly, thereafter things "improved". But look at a clear trend in car theft which goes as far back, in a flat straight line as 1984 - even back to 1982. Extrapolate that... and the figure is shocking. Compare it to the fudged figure. We can: (a) Say that the fudged figure is a LOT lower than what the real figure probably is. (b) Even the fudged figure is still higher than before the ANC came to power.

[9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa

Murder statistics are the most sensitive statistics of all. They are the crime figure that worry people the most. So they show a consistent downward trend since 1997 - but people will question that. You will notice that even according to official statistics, murder increased well after the ANC came to power and officially it peaked in 1996/7. It went down a little and then started going UP again... and then, in kicks the moratorium on crime statistics... The blue arrow is when the moratorium kicked in and the fudging began. I did a bit of a thumbsuck and guess and my arrow points to 30,000+ murders a year. International studies have shown that S.Africa is 8 times more violent than the average country on planet earth. The USA with 300 million people worries about 16,000 murders. S.Africa with an official population of 45 million has an official murder rate of over 18,000 (fudged). The reality is probably 30,000 or even higher. Dan Roodt was using the figure of 30,000 back in 2003. I'm not sure the source he obtained it from, nevertheless, I think many would say that it is a pretty reasonable assumption.

I recently contacted the regional manager of a very big nationwide security company asking if he could give me an indication of crime in my suburb. He said, according to their records "crime doubled in the period 2005-2006". When I asked him to elaborate more, he did not respond further when he realised I had a website. So although my extrapolations on these graphs may seem scary... it is possible... that the reality is even more frightening!

[9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa

These days, people are turning out in huge numbers to protest against crime. People have been begging for a return of the death penalty for years. The Government ignores them. One group of people sent 30,000 petitions directly to President Mbeki. (He says out of control crime "is just a perception"). More recently I heard of 80,000 people signing a petition, and one organisation promising to collect 1 million signatures to give to government. Crime is a huge issue in S.Africa and yet, NOBODY has dared to take numbers, such as I have here, and put them into graphs and studied them - because perhaps - that is the most shocking exercise of all!!

By the way, Nelson Mandela loved releasing criminals as does the current Government. One year, Nelson Mandela said he would "give the country a present" and the present was the release of 9,000 criminals. In recent years enormous numbers were released. In one series of releases they were talking of letting 63,000 criminals go. I posted that story on my website quite a long time ago, along with TvNews photos. Here is the link to the story:- Click here for the story of the release of 63,000 criminals.

I would like to co-operate with anyone who can source better and more accurate data. I have wondered if anyone in one of the larger security or insurance companies would be prepared to anonymously release some of their data. I would like to see statistics for the last 10 years because it is these years which are the most worrisome.

But when crime in S.Africa is looked at in a historical context, it brings home a completely different picture showing what this country was like and how things have changed in a way which I think few expected - most definitely not anyone outside this country.

Finally, if anyone wants to take some of these pages with statistics and wishes to expand/grow the spreadsheet with additional data and then send it to me - feel free to do so. Just drop a line on the "Contact us" page of my website.

I hope this spurs people on and helps them to see and understand the state of this country. Jan.

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