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Sunday, April 4, 2010

''kill the Boer'' (3)

S.Africa: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: The Murder of Eugene Terreblanche was DEFINITELY a Planned Assassination....

Date Posted: Sunday 04-Apr-2010
A friend of mine phoned me up with a most stunning fact he has spotted in the newspapers. He used to be in Military Intelligence decades ago, and scanning newspapers was his daily job.
He told me this. He said, that according to the newspaper reports the 21 year old and the 15 year old who murdered Eugene Terreblanche, killed him AND THEN PHONED THE POLICE TO SAY THEY'VE KILLED HIM "IN SELF DEFENCE".
My friend said: Where on earth do you hear of instances, especially in South Africa, on a farm, where the murderers phone the police to say "come and get us". They have every opportunity on earth to escape and they didn't. They're young, they are in a remote area, they could very easily have melted into the townships and never been found (we have so many unsolved murders).
And, when the Police arrive they already have their story ready and the story is they killed him because he did not pay their wages.
My friend, who is no conspiracy theorist said to me: Jan, you've been saying this for YEARS... and here it is.
He was also talking that these 2 guys will get big pay-offs for the murder of Eugene. That's why they will go to jail, because they know they'll be looked after, they'll get a nice soft landing. The monies and favours have probably been agreed on for them and their families out of some secret black budget, etc. Rest assured, these guys went in there, did the job, murdered him and this was just the next step in the procedure.
Now ask yourself WHY they would want to be caught? Here's the reason: It is utterly crucial that they carry out the next step in the plan which is: ANC RACE HATE PROPAGANDA AGAINST AFRIKANERS AND WHITES BY WAY OF USING EUGENE TERREBLANCHE AS THE EXAMPLE.
So now the newspapers and court rooms will be filled with the following line, which goes: "We poor blacks are constantly being abused by these racist, white Afrikaner trash, and (sob) poor us, we were so poor and this horrible man refused to pay us... and in desperation we killed him because we have had enough of this endless abuse by these racist white scum. (more sobs)" Then everyone goes: "Tut, tut..." shame poor black guys... that piece of white racist sh*t DESERVED TO DIE... he got what he rightfully DESERVED.
But this is propaganda, and here's where it gets even more insidious. I wrote about this stuff in my book, Government by Deception (2001). I wrote about "Semantic Warfare" and I wrote deeply about propaganda. In there I mentioned that you also smear people by association. So, killing ET has interesting consequences. Because ET has been demonised over the years and has a high profile as a "white Neo-NAZI racist", he fits a nice "profile" that is quite well established in the minds of foreigners, Liberals, etc. He is seen as the "typical Afrikaner" - which he is not. But he has become the IMAGE of how others perceive the Afrikaner to be.
So now when he is killed like this, with this excuse, the next step, is a generalised SMEAR CAMPAIGN against ALL AFRIKANERS and then to a lesser extent, all whites. That's the next step for these 2 young blacks. (Heck, at this rate, maybe the ANC would like them to appear on Oprah where, like that Bobbit woman, they can explain how this white racist maltreated them and why they were JUSTIFIED in the "RIGHTEOUS KILLING" of ET).
This is a campaign, and I have warned before, when the ANC wants to come after us, they will smear us. They need to tell everyone how evil we are BEFORE THEY KILL US, so that when they do kill us, then everyone quietly goes along and says: The white trash of South Africa DESERVED TO DIE. THIS WAS GOOD.
The ANC will be using all their organs to spread this racist propaganda about ET across the world. It is crucial that they smear us. The ANC is planning other things for us.
Incidentally, Julius Malema, Racist, communist attack dog, and personal mouthpiece of Jacob Zuma and the ANC, happens to be outside the country at this time. Malema claims whites want to kill him. Isn't it interesting that he is outside the country as we speak? I mentioned before what a crybaby coward he is, and I suspect that the crybaby coward Malema was spirited out of this country (on tax payer money to Robert Mugabe!!!! Yes!)... just in case some whites decided to pop him. I'll bet that as part of their plan they needed to ensure Julius's safety and so they sent him out of the country on an appropriate mission - which itself will be in the next article I am about to post.
It all smells to me like a plan that came together.
I would like to know more about the 2 blacks who murdered ET. How long did they work for him? Is there any evidence he did not pay them in the past, etc? What can we find out about the black people who worked personally for ET.
Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception

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