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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

S. AFRICA-Liberals gave blacks FAKE SUCCESS


WorldWide: Blacks are at the top of their game - they think they're INVINCIBLE - The Super White Racism of the 21st century... is COMING...

Date Posted: Saturday 08-May-2010
I got an email from someone in an Eastern European country - supporting Afrikaners. In Eastern Europe the whites aren't the Politically Correct wussies that exist in the Western world. I've seen over the years that Eastern European whites are not that enamoured with blacks. They support their own kind. I don't know much about Eastern Europe but I've been watching hits on my site over the years and some of these small Eastern European countries seem to be very interested in the problems of whites in Africa, and they seem very supportive too.

Incidentally, I see AfricanCrisis now even seems to be drawing a lot of hits from LIBYA of all places! Maybe Gadaffi's people have started reading the site?

I will not tell you what I've read, observed or who I spoke to, but this week I was chuckling quietly to myself on several scores.

I think in America, blacks have OVER-REACHED and OVER-PLAYED their game. I think so. I think also a lot of politically correct stuff is dying out now. I think the world is changing fundamentally, and I think its not just Black Americans who have over-reached and over-played their game. I think White Liberals everywhere have also over-reached and over-played their game.

The result is that there is a big and fundamental change in mindset that has quietly taken place without any fanfare whatsoever in the last 10-15 years.

In the last 10-15 years, lots of events have occurred, widely accross the world which is bringing the Liberal molly-coddling of blacks to the fore. The blacks have lost a large part of the white support they once had. The Liberals have been losing too.

In America, it seems to me we're looking at a split. It appears to me that in America itself we will see a big SPLIT occurring in the country. The Left will go more to the Left and the Right may go more to the right. So perhaps the Russian analysis of a future civil war in America decades from now... is not improbable.

But here in Africa the blacks are on a big high too. Even though blacks are squabbling more and more among themselves the blacks are convinced that we whites are a TOTALLY SPENT FORCE. They regard us as: TOTALLY IRRELEVANT and COMPLETELY DEFEATED.

In Zimbabwe... Mugabe still has a healthy fear of whites... knowing that even a handful can pack quite a punch when they merge in among the blacks and they affect black politics.

HOW can whites merge into black politics? I disagree with Helen Zille's approach where she pretends she is black in every way except her skin colour. She identifies with them 110%. But I disagree with that. I don't think we should "try to be black". We are what we are. We must be ourselves and if we get involved in black politics... we must be what we are and not hide who we are. Blacks also are suspicious and if whites are too friendly, blacks will smell a rat. But blacks are deep enough that they can tell fact from fiction and can catch whites out if we try to sneak up on them.

NB: When I refer to black people I refer to BLACK PEOPLE - NOT: Coloureds, Indians, etc. I'm talking BLACKS in the true sense of the word - not in the ANC misrepresented way of the word.

Coloureds are another topic by themselves, and I like coloureds a lot. Another friend of mine who comes from the Cape told me that he'd challenge me any day on the coloureds and that the coloureds are pretty much the same as us. And I fully agree. He doesn't even have to argue the point with me. I already agree with him. I've long been an advocate that whites and coloureds get together (and let me tell you, I'll bet there are coloured people who would throw in their chips with the whites if they felt there was hope for them).

I want to speak SPECIFICALLY about Black people. I've had stacks of interactions with black people. I've dealt with them in every conceivable way. I'm going to tell you something about them: DO NOT try to fool blacks. Blacks have BETTER SOCIAL SKILLS AND MORE HIGHLY DEVELOPED SOCIAL SKILLS THAN MOST WHITES. Black people have a very vibrant social life. Its what they live for, and if there's one thing they're good at... it is in dealing with other people face to face. Black people aren't into very deep friendships... nor very long-lasting ones. Black people are about QUANTITY. The have lots of "friends" ... they are very adept as seeking out lovers, etc. Now here's where we fall down completely: WE CAN'T FOOL THEM. DON'T EVEN TRY. Do not TRY TO BE BLACK. I think Helen Zille makes a big fundamental error in this approach. DO NOT TRY TO BE BLACK. We are NOT Black and the Blacks themselves won't accept or buy into that line of thinking. BE YOURSELF. I AM IN REAL LIFE THE MISERABLE SOD THAT I AM. I do not hide it. Be what you are. When you deal with blacks in a direct and honest manner they will have the social skills that tell them that you are just being honest. Be honest... and be yourself. They will see through any act you may try and then you'll be shooting yourself in the eye. Be yourself, and then be honest... and then only... will they listen to you. Blacks will sometimes even listen to you even if they hate what you say and even if they completely disbelieve it. They can at times be quite polite about matters.

The key point when dealing with blacks is this: PLANT SEEDS IN THEIR MINDS. Those seeds might take 10-15 years to grow. Just tell them something and leave it to grow. If they ask you a question, give them an honest answer. PLANT SEEDS. Do nothing else. Plant the seed AND WALK AWAY. Do not try to force them to agree with you... PLANT THE SEED... PLANT THE IDEA... then leave them.

For decades now it has been Western policy to molly coddle blacks. The previous theory was that blacks never got a chance. So then we gave them chances and we invented times to give them more chances than they could ever have.

But Liberals went too far. They gave blacks FAKE SUCCESS. They gave them success that they had never achieved. They put them in positions they could not handle.

We now see that these types of blacks, when in Africa, prefer to run away from Africa. Those blacks can only function in a FIRST WORLD situation. Those blacks cannot function in the THIRD WORLD. Those blacks can ONLY function effectively when they are merged into a fully functioning system. In America, because the majority are white and the system is FIRST WORLD, the weaknesses of blacks aren't that exposed... UNTIL you get to a situation like New Orleans where the blacks become the majority and they take over most of the reins of power. Then only do you see their shortcomings.

In Africa, the blacks prefer to flee to the First world because they cannot function in a system of collapse. They can only function inside an already functioning system.

We Whites in Africa are the complete opposite. We actually are at our best when we face total collapse. We can make anything work from THE GROUND UP. We don't need to be inside a system. We invent the system, make it work and build on it. We know how.

But the blacks don't realise this. The blacks have been educated into a type of Politically Correct dunce state. They're "educated" but they really lack LOTS of other things.

I observe the way blacks think, and I watch it with interest. I am working ever closer with them and will observe it more in detail. I have some simple observations about them, but not enough to give you a dissertation on.

What I can say is that blacks live in a bubble where they believe they are cleverer than they really are. They believe they're completely responsible for their success. Now... if they are referring to the fact that they convinced Liberal whites to prop them up... then yes, that could be described as "success". But without those White Liberals backing them... their game plan would come horribly unstuck.

For Blacks, Black Nationalism doesn't work anywhere nearly as well as White Nationalism works for whites. (Many Blacks know this or sense this). For Whites, White Nationalism totally ROCKS. The more nationalist whites are, the more they can achieve. For Blacks, the better way is: Black Liberalism (towards Whites). That way Blacks can tap into White skills and talents.

But at this time, many blacks are at their peak and they believe THEY ARE INVINCIBLE.

They think we are TOTALLY FINISHED, and they are TOTALLY UNBEATABLE.

That is their perception. I like this. It is actually a good perception for them to have. In military circles they refer to "an appreciation" of a "military problem". What it boils down to is a deep analysis of the fundamental factors at work. Remember... in any struggle... there are things you do... things your opponent does and then there are other players - Third parties, neutrals, etc. There are other "unspoken" factors... that are just a basic part of the "human landscape". When one makes any moves you need to take these interlocking factors into account. Sometimes the struggle is more affected... not by what some side does, but by the interventions of Third Parties, etc.

There is a slow realisation dawning, only in certain circles, that the whites are NOT TOTALLY FINISHED... but that they survived the worst. However, the vast, vast majority of blacks, even at very high levels... do, or would like to think Whites are finished.

I have some ideas of my own that I've never written about, but I want to hint at it. I think I'll refer to it as: "Fundamental Politics". Politics, to a large degree is a lot like a bunch of women chatting to each other. Women can be such fakes, but they'll get together, all pretend to love and kiss each other, while deeply having some hatreds - but hiding them. These women will, SUPERFICIALLY pretend to love each other. The reality is that its all a big act.

Then there is "Fundamental Politics". The Left discovered this. The Left discovered that if you are VIOLENT for long enough, that you can swerve politics in your direction. The Left discovered that VIOLENCE will force all those FAKE SUPERFICIAL TYPES to go along with your plans. Deep down... one force can MOVE EVERYONE. The Fakes move along... to the Left OR to the Right. The "true politicians"... the ones who talk with no underlying substance... are always adaptable and will move as the wind blows.

Deep down... all politics is really governed and driven by the FUNDAMENTAL SIDE. Now... the Left uses VIOLENCE as the basic driving force. But Liberals and the West used MONEY as their fundamental driving force.

There is a crucial aspect to politics. It has to do with the HANDFUL who drive the FUNDAMENTAL SIDE. They have more influence than the "true politicians". The Gun or the Dollar has more influence than the man who just has a mouth.

A lot of politicians are nothing more than flies settling on a dead carcass. You wave them away and they come back and come to rest on another part of the dead carcass. They live off of it and they're drawn to it. But its the carcass that's the fundamental aspect. They are just features on it and around it.

Blacks are at the top of their game and they believe that now they are ready for take-off... TO THE MOON. The reality is... they are ready for take-off to come crashing straight into the pavement head-first.

Whites on the other hand have been pushed more and more aside, and getting angrier and angrier. Whites have a lot of potential energy that's not been tapped into. Whites are capable in many ways of driving the: FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS OF POLITICS. We can also create forces of our own... that are more powerful than just our vote.

I don't want to elaborate more on the concept, but mull it over. There are a lot of aspects to it, and I have some ideas of my own. I have a theory that you can drive politics from a very small base as long as you fulfill certain basic requirements. You can shift the ENTIRE PARADIGM - LEFT OR RIGHT. The Left has been shifting it left for decades. But there's no reason why the Right can't shift the entire paradigm RIGHT!

I think blacks are so full of their own self-confidence now that they don't realise when they make mistakes. I think you will see the return of racism - REAL RACISM and real RACIAL HATRED - in a way that you cannot imagine.

It will be a messy business... but I think you will see a White rebellion against Blacks across the Western World in decades to come. In fact, it might be a general rebellion against multicultural things. It will even happen in America. America and Europe seem to be moving along somewhat different lines.

I'm tending to regard America as a country that has reached its zenith and from here it can only be down. Europe on the other hand is rising. It has its problems, but it seems as if Europe will be passing America by. And Europe's makeup in many ways, for me, seems to offer more opportunities. Europe is not so monolithic. There is room for more shades of opinion and variations. I think America is heading, at the very least for some kind of big racial split that will tear it apart. The Left will want to go more to the Left and the Right will resist ever more fiercely.

As I observe and mull over history, I think a RACIAL HATRED across the Western world as a whole will rise tremendously in this century. In the 21st century... you are going to see WHITE RACE HATRED, especially of Blacks... and you will be seeing it in FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES. It will take DECADES to get there, but I think it is well on its way.

The basic cause of this is the result of the actions of the blacks themselves. Blacks, in 1001 different ways got on to the WORLD STAGE and complained and then got a chance - IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. WHEN THEY GOT THEIR CHANCE THEY SCREWED IT UP TOTALLY. And they are losing credibility by the day, by the year, and by the decade.

In decades yet to come... the blacks will pay the price for this. The Whites will stop molly coddling them... the whites will stop propping them up... the whites will start opposing them... the whites will start driving them back.

(A tiny handful of the more thinking blacks have already seen this - like that Pastor Manning in America - he's seen the writing on the wall - he KNOWS it is coming... and he is trying to warn other black people about this day when the whites come back and hit back... HARD).

The blacks are at the top of their game. The blacks believe they are invincible. But they are in for the most shocking surprise you can imagine... when the Western world changes fundamentally.

Interestingly, the model for the future of the Western world may well be the actions of the Whites in Rhodesia and South Africa. By DECADES we may have preceded everyone. The future of the West will bear some resemblance to what happened in Africa. And what a mess its going to be.

In many ways, the Liberals and Communists laid the foundations for more race hatred and more racial tensions than you can imagine. But the difference this time is that these problems will be sweeping across First World countries with populations of between 60-300 million people. There will be racial stresses like nobody has seen before.

Blacks reached their pinnacle. They believe they are invincible... but they don't realise what will happen when all those artificial props are pulled quietly from under them. The fundamental factors are still on our side - in fact, perhaps more so than ever before.
Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
(George Orwell)

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