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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

S.Africa:In Turmoil


S.Africa: News for later: ANC is extremely cross with me - ANC Super-corruption is VERY TRUE... Jacob Zuma... Assassination of Eugene Terreblanche - New ANC strategy to go after Farms - Die Beeld's editor agrees with me... - COPE falling apart

Date Posted: Sunday 02-May-2010
I have been a bit out of action the last 2 days, just attending to other issues and to my life. This is the last day of my leave.

I'm still tweaking and debugging and improving a most sophisticated program I need to control, backup and housekeep all my websites at the touch of a button. This is most important for the long term because of the volumes of traffic on my sites. I want real time backups, real-time statistics I can monitor without overloading my own servers. And I need good house-keeping to my sites don't get overloaded.

I need to upgrage AmericanCrisis and AfricanCrisis before launching new sites, and I'm sitting with an AfricanCrisis database of over 1 Gb in size. So now upgrading is a problem because I have so much data to move and so little bandwidth. But a lot of it is unnecessary. If I did proper housekeeping it would be much easier. So I need to finish this.

On friday, after much hounding I eventually went to the prize-giving at my work - where I was due to win an award. Then I got up and walked out of it. I'll take the heat for that tomorrow at work. But more on that later and what happened.

I've been getting some feedback from various sources of mine. The ANC was EXTREMELY ANNOYED by my article the other day about super-corruption. My source is a bit jumpy and doesn't want me to tell you how he knows - but I made the ANC EXTREMELY CROSS. I really hit a sore point. Good. They hit a sore point with us when they plotted mass genocide against us with Julius Malema mouthing off and generating hate speech against us... and then they murdered one of our own, Eugene Terreblanche, thinking they could walk away from it and use it to justify further murder and theft from whites. AND for *ME* as a taxpayer... its a VERY SORE POINT knowing the ANC is stuffing their pockets with tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of rands - OF OUR MONEY. But more on ANC corruption later. These bastards will actually benefit from their own inefficiencies and will FLEECH US TO THE TUNE OF HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF RANDS... IN THE YEARS TO COME. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US WILL BE PAYING A BIG FAT CHUNK OF OUR SALARIES TO FURTHER THEIR AMBITIONS. But more on that later...

I hear that the Editor of the highly respected Afrikaans newspaper DIE BEELD actually says some very similar things to what I was saying about the real role of Julius Malema.

Looking back on the BATTLE OF APRIL... which started with the murder of Eugene Terreblanche, I think we've acquitted ourselves well, despite being in a totally cr*p position. I think we've actually caused the ANC some stress and President Zuma is changing his strategy.

Sadly, I hear COPE is fighting internally a lot. Sad. The ANC and the lefties may be tearing COPE apart. Sad. I really had hoped COPE would provide blacks with some option to the ANC. Black politics is in turmoil, and the ANC itself is struggling to hold the entire game together. I am not one to say that I think the ANC is divided - but I am starting to think it really is. I think Jacob Zuma is running around from pillar to post trying to just hold the ANC together. So far he is succeeding, but he is facing very serious problems. COPE may be a mess... but rest assured the ANC is struggling a LOT. There are some things that indicate to me the ANC is in trouble, and just holding the whole ship together is now proving problematic.

JZ was hoping that by redirecting black hatred on whites that he could pull something off. JZ may be wiping his ass on the farmer at this time, but I think JZ has a load of his own problems.

Do NOT think the ANC has everything its way. I am quietly smiling to myself. The ANC ran into some problems with this business of plotting white genocide here. I don't always tell people what I'm up to. In this stupid game of politics some things work a *LOT BETTER* when you just keep your mouth shut. Then the context of the game, and the game within the game works so much better. There is a game within the game. I had a theory and I wanted to test it out. I see glimmers that indicate to me that my theory is correct. So I'm smiling. What I have learned is of considerable value as we need to learn to defend ourselves. So I am happy.

Returning to COPE: My Liberal friend has tremendous respect for Sam Shilowa and always felt that Shilowa was the smooth guy who knows how to play politics. I've never followed Shilowa much. I'm not too concerned with guys who are smoothies and who work well within the system.

I sometimes have quite a liking for guys who are similar to me - weirdos who just do their own thing. That's why I'm not completely against Julius Malema. He shoots from the hip - not very well - but he has something a lot of the others in the ANC lack: COURAGE. Another favourite of mine was Vavi. In the enemy camp, Vavi is the guy I have the most respect for.

So when it comes to COPE, I've developed something of a soft spot over time for Terror Lekota. I like a man with energy and determination. I even forgive him for laughing a Kortbroek on our side, because Kortbroek really made asses of the whole lot of us whites. He deserved to be laughed at because he made us whites look so pathetic. I quite like Lekota's spirit. He cut his ties with the ANC and he went in there with a fighting spirit. I like a man with fighting spirit. Interestingly, during his time in the ANC, Lekota was very smooth with the Afrikaners. He figured out a way of wrapping them around his fingers. He's a smoothie, but he's also himself. I will watch Lekota with interest. He's an interesting character.

You get some of these non-whites who are cheeky and determined as men, and they're determined to show their stuff. At my work there is a coloured man like that. I have real soft spot for him. He tells me, "I'm a proud coloured boy". I have a special place for him, and I always do my utmost for him. He's a good guy. I like a man who is determined to show what he CAN DO, and he's not afraid to try. I like courage, and I like someone who can achieve things. So in that sense, Lekota interests me.

You will recall that I said I invented a computer language of sorts. When I went back to work after 3 weeks, I was completely amazed at the progress of my black apprentice. He was starting to make some serious progress all by himself. He is working with "Version 1" of my "language". This is very old... He is keen to try "Version 2" - which is seriously advanced and which is truly self-contained. He was saying to me, "This is so fast". He was referring to how fast it was to develop systems using my language - compared to the Java development they are used to and which they studied as university.

If they give me a chance at my work, I might yet unleash something which could be talk to blacks and which could make them very successful. Strangely, my ideas at my work were often opposed by YOUNG WHITES. I was so very cross with them. If they had just shut up and listened I had some tricks up my sleeve. So perhaps it will be BLACKS who might actually prove that my methods work. My methods are designed for speed and for ease of use.

It seems my revenge against the young white Systems Architects who gave me such a hard time is about to begin. They're going to be taken down a peg or three. And given the way they treated me, I intend hammering them hard.

Anyway... more about my work later.

A friend of mine is trying to knock up some business somewhere... and he sits in on very interesting meetings that I hear bits of now and then. It looks as if this FIFA World cup will be full of chaos. It seems to me, the 2010 FIFA World cup will be held for the benefit of the residents of the black townships and the rest of the world will be watching it on the telly... and not too many will risk their lives coming here. FIFA won't make a loss... I'm sure the ANC will just pay them as many billion as they need to ensure that they can call it a success.
Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
(George Orwell)

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